Jun 062021
2021 Intentions Mid-Year Review

Time to check in on the progress of my 2021 Intentions. Accountability is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to stick to your goals. So let’s review what I am hoping to accomplish this year. Starting with personal health goals, which are my main goals for the year. There are two areas of personal health I discussed in my new years intentions: physical and mental. Mental Health The coronavirus is almost behind us. The CDC is relaxing it’s policy on masks and many states (including my own) are beginning to lift all the health restrictions. Stadiums are slowly filling up again and stores [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 092021
Biggs 2021 New Years Intentions

I’m a week late with this post but, as I said in my review, 2020 sucked so better late than never! As a result of the unusual circumstances and the shutdowns, the increased stress interfered a bit with my 2020 goals. While I know that merely changing years won’t eliminate the virus or the stress it causes, I’m hopeful that this year won’t be as awful as last year. We are ahead of the virus and there are at least two vaccines that are FDA approved (as of the time of this writing). I’m looking forward to getting back out to the zoo and the [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 012020
Biggs 2020 New Years Intentions

We are not only starting a new year in 2020, we are starting a new decade. Nobody really makes decade resolutions and I’m certainly not going to make decade intentions. I’ll be turning 40 in this decade, which is hard to imagine and, be that as it may, I’m not intimidated. This isn’t a post about turning 40 (perhaps I will write one when we get closer to March). I am going to make the usual 2020 New Years Intentions; hopefully I will have better luck in a couple of the categories. Biggs Labs – Smart Home/Professional Development I didn’t make any progress on the [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 012019
Biggs 2019 New Years Intentions

Time to make those conventional New Year intentions. I wasn’t very successful in 2018; while I did make an effort to fulfill my intentions, I fell short on a few. The Reading Challenge and Professional Skills Development is where I was really lacking. The important thing is I never gave up attempting to meet my intentions, many resolutions barely survive the third week. Be that as it may, here are my 2019 New Years intentions. Biggs Labs – Smart Home I actually made some strides in my home automation projects and I will go into detail of that in the upcoming “Year in Review” post. [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 122018
Biggs 2018 New Years Intentions

A new year means new goals (remember, I don’t make “New Years resolutions”). As we look forward to my 2018 New Years intentions, I am also going to review my 2017 intentions. I focused on four areas for 2017; Home Automation projects, Reading Challenge, Fitness and Health and Professional Skills Development. In the spirit of full disclosure and accountability, I was about 50% successful. Therefore, I guess as the first goal for the new year I plan to be more successful accomplishing the goals I set. Biggs Labs – Smart Home I completed nothing for my home automation project! I was hoping to have installed [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 052016
Are You Declaring 2016 Intentions Or Resolutions?

Happy New Year!!! Did you make the proverbial resolution again this year? I did not. I haven’t declared any New Years resolutions for quite a while. Typically they have simply been broken promises to myself. I emit enough hot air, why exacerbate it more with hollow declarations. “Because New Year’s resolutions, as most people think of them, are hollow” – Nerd Fitness A new concept seemed to emerge this year, however, where some folks are declaring “intentions” instead of the boring resolutions. I guess if you say “I intend to lose weight” it gives you an escape clause when you fail to do so, whereas [… Click to Continue …]