Jan 012019
Biggs 2019 New Years Intentions

Time to make those conventional New Year intentions. I wasn’t very successful in 2018; while I did make an effort to fulfill my intentions, I fell short on a few. The Reading Challenge and Professional Skills Development is where I was really lacking. The important thing is I never gave up attempting to meet my intentions, many resolutions barely survive the third week. Be that as it may, here are my 2019 New Years intentions. Biggs Labs – Smart Home I actually made some strides in my home automation projects and I will go into detail of that in the upcoming “Year in Review” post. [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 122018
Biggs 2018 New Years Intentions

A new year means new goals (remember, I don’t make “New Years resolutions”). As we look forward to my 2018 New Years intentions, I am also going to review my 2017 intentions. I focused on four areas for 2017; Home Automation projects, Reading Challenge, Fitness and Health and Professional Skills Development. In the spirit of full disclosure and accountability, I was about 50% successful. Therefore, I guess as the first goal for the new year I plan to be more successful accomplishing the goals I set. Biggs Labs – Smart Home I completed nothing for my home automation project! I was hoping to have installed [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 052016
Are You Declaring 2016 Intentions Or Resolutions?

Happy New Year!!! Did you make the proverbial resolution again this year? I did not. I haven’t declared any New Years resolutions for quite a while. Typically they have simply been broken promises to myself. I emit enough hot air, why exacerbate it more with hollow declarations. “Because New Year’s resolutions, as most people think of them, are hollow” – Nerd Fitness A new concept seemed to emerge this year, however, where some folks are declaring “intentions” instead of the boring resolutions. I guess if you say “I intend to lose weight” it gives you an escape clause when you fail to do so, whereas [… Click to Continue …]