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MMT: Mystery Month (2023)

I cannot believe August is over and we are entering the fall months. Where does that time go? Speaking of mysteries, August is Mystery Month. Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Here are the 2023 Mystery Month selections.

The Usual Suspects

MMT: Action/Adventure Month (2023)

This year’s action/adventure selections have an unintended theme. I wonder if you know what it is. Watching these movies was long overdue for me, especially the latter. Here are July’s selections for 2023:

MMT: Superhero Month (2023)

In honor of Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine (for Deadpool 3), I decided to focus on Marvel for superhero month (2023). I am a much bigger fan of the Marvel universe than DC. This post is a couple of weeks late as I was on vacation. Here are the Wolverine-themed movies on this list for June 2023:

MMT: Fantasy Month (2023)

April is fantasy movies month. Fantasy is easily a top-five favorite genre of mine and it’s often coupled with Science Fiction. There is no common element for this year’s selections (as you’ll soon see); it was literally just some random selections within the Fantasy genre. Here is 2023’s Fantasy selections:

Willow and The Princess Bride are classics. I’ve been trying to get my hands on Willow for a while and finally snagged it on Blu-ray. This movie made the list because I hadn’t seen it in a long time and wanted to check out the Disney+ series. I don’t think I have to explain my reasons for watching The Princess Bride; to do so is “inconceivable!”.

MMT: Drama Month (2023)

February is drama month. Again, since I didn’t start these posts until April of last year, I will cover last February as well. Drama movies rank about the middle of the pack for me in my list of favorite genres. I’ll watch a good, compelling drama but if it can’t hold my interest, I’ll zone out. These movies do not suffer from that fate.

February 2022 Selections

MMT: Science Fiction Month (2023)

Last year I didn’t start writing posts about my monthly movie themes until April so I didn’t get to talk about Science Fiction Month. Science Fiction is one of my favorite genres of film. Since I didn’t get to talk about my 2022 selections, I will cover those first and then cover my 2023 selections.

January 2022 Selections

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