Aug 262015
For the Love of Writing

I don’t know how to describe what it is about writing that I enjoy – I can’t seem to find the words (hah!). There is something elusive and cathartic about putting “pen to paper” (err.. “text to screen”?) I’ve sometimes wondered if there is a career out there that would allow me to just write, besides writing a book. I don’t have the imagination to write a book. I doubt I can be creative enough to keep a reader’s attention for 300+ pages (although I seemed to have a knack for creative writing back in Honors English in high school). If I had the literary [… Click to Continue …]

Feb 082015
MMO Times: AOL Is Still Evil: DIAF

Issue 113: I am going to rant a bit in the intro; if you don’t want to see the horrible things I think about AOL, you can probably skip this paragraph. If you haven’t heard by now, AOL has shut down three of my favorite gaming blog sites: Joystiq, Massively and WoW Insider. Some troglodyte in the upper ranks of AOL has made the ignorant decision to further ostracize AOL and shutdown these sites and fire 150 people; and ultimately left millions of faithful readers reeling in disbelief. There was nerd rage the likes of which the world had never seen. The beautiful irony is that [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 302015
Save Joystiq and Massively!!!

I am beyond upset with the folks at AOL (who, ironically, haven’t been relevant since the 90s). I just read devastating news on that AOL (or some VP at AOL that performed a “Ghostcrawler nerf” to Joystiq’s budget) will be shutting down Joystiq and all its affiliate sites. This includes Massively and potentially WoW Insider (though I have not heard anything officially posted by the WoW Insider staff). Massively and Joystiq have been my primary go-to sites for gaming news and they are my primary sources for my MMO Times posts. The gaming industry is booming and will only grow bigger as gamers have children [… Click to Continue …]

Oct 232014
The MMO Times: Five Hundred and Nine!

Issue 110: Oh, wait, no, we’re just at one hundred and ten. I guess I have to move to Denver and nearly break my neck to get to 509. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, unless you are an NFL fan (the real thing, not the EA Sports kind) don’t worry about it. A completely random numerical title with a cultural reference just seemed like a fun thing to do. In any event, Warlords of Draenor pre-expansion patch is officially live. We all are having to learn how to play our characters again and we have to get used to the stat squish. Of course if [… Click to Continue …]

Oct 132014
The MMO Times: Blood Moon Eclipse

Issue 109: Isn’t that an awesome lunar eclipse. The “Blood Moon”, such an iconic event to happen in the month of October. Yes, fall is upon us and so are many a content patches and expansions. Obviously the gaming companies are gearing up for the Christmas season and the winter months for those that will be sequestered in their homes in the colder regions of the world. Blizzard, Bioware and the other companies are preparing content for your enjoyment while you endure the frigid winter months. Also, BlizzCon is a mere 3 weeks away (which means we are about 4 weeks away from Warlords of Draenor)!  Speaking of the [… Click to Continue …]

Sep 172014
The MMO Times: Mi_ _ _ _ _ft

Issue 107: Hello again, gamers!!! A million voices cried out in terror this week when the news officially broke that Microsoft purchased Mojang, the maker of Minecraft. The title comes from this humorous tweet sent out after the purchase was announced. I’m not a Minecraft player, and now the odds are even less likely that I will be. Farewell Minecraft, we knew thee well.   As summer sadly draws to a close, we will all get ready to spend a few months indoors as the weather becomes colder and colder (and allegedly its supposed to be a pretty cold and snowy winter), although most of us [… Click to Continue …]