Jan 182016
Book Review: Winter

Winter by Marissa Meyer My rating: (Click here to read this review on Goodreads.) In my reviews of the previous books I think I’ve mentioned how cleverly written all the books for the Lunar Chronicles are and Winter was just as good. When you have a long series of books (i.e. more than three) sometimes characters and plots can get lost and thus when you finish off the series sometimes you feel there are still some things left unanswered. I do not feel that was the case with Winter. I think Meyer did a perfect job ending the book just right. In fact I think [… Click to Continue …]

Jul 132015
Book Review: Fairest

Fairest by Marissa Meyer My rating: (Go to goodreads to see this review there) Although fairly short, this book was well worth the read. It gives you an interesting look into the confused mind of Levana. It also provides a little bit of interesting backstory to other characters from the series as well as some of the plot elements critical to the story. Reading about Levana does create an emotional dichotomy for the reader because you almost want to feel bad for her when you realize why its so critical for Lunars to use their “gift” more wisely. Unfortunately by the end Levana has pretty [… Click to Continue …]

Mar 152015
Book Review: Cress

Cress by Marissa Meyer My Review  Book 3 and another very interesting rendition of Rapunzel. Marissa Meyer does almost a pretty brilliant job of not only still incorporating the different components of the traditional fairy tale but also merging it quite well with Cinder’s ongoing saga. There were a couple of edge-of-your-seat moments in this book that made you wonder, while reading, how will our heroes get out of this mess. You cannot help but to keep reading to find out how they pull it off … or do they 😉 The one negative thing I thought after finishing this book … how am I [… Click to Continue …]

Feb 102015
Book Review: Scarlet

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer My Rating: (Click here to read this review on Goodreads) I really like the modern, dystopian twist to classic fairy tales that Meyer has created in these novels. I’ll admit that when I was just starting Cinder that I didn’t think I would enjoy it despite the fact that I was slightly intrigued by a cyborg Cinderella. I initially thought that each book was an independent retelling/re-imagining of each classic tale, however when I discovered that all the books are connected and continue Cinder’s story, then I became much more interested. Scarlet is the second book of the series and, as [… Click to Continue …]