Dec 142015
Star Wars: Let's Keep the Expectations Realistic

This should be declared “Star Wars Week”. If someone hasn’t done that already, then I’m declaring it despite the fact that I do not have the clout nor the viral influence to make it official. So, with that said, lets get on with it. The obvious reason I would make such a declaration is the release of the seventh installment of the most beloved Star Wars franchise. I am beyond excited for the movie’s launch and I don’t even have a ticket to see it yet. I’m just excited for the continuation of the story and the characters that I have loved since I was [… Click to Continue …]

Sep 182015
Will J.J. Abrams Succeed?

We are three months away from the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Millions of Star Wars fans are waiting with bated breath for the epic release of the first film in the franchise that doesn’t include George Lucas (whether you love him or hate him). Of course the thought on everyone’s mind is “will it be good or will it suck”. Obviously everyone immediately thinks about the prequels and how easily those movies are shredded and belittled. The difference this time is we have J. J. Abrams telling the story. Personally I don’t think it’s going to matter what the critics think. Star Wars [… Click to Continue …]

May 132015
Ruminations of a Die Hard Fanboy

When I was ten years old I saw Star Wars for the first time and from that moment on there was no turning back. I remember when I was in my teens and my grandma once remarked “remember this because eventually I will grow out of it”. Sorry grandma, its 20 years later and I’m a bigger Star Wars nerd now than I was yesterday and the day before that … and the day before that. I love all the movies; and I mean ALL the movies. 1-6. Why do I like the prequels, you ask? The reason is simple – because its Star Wars. [… Click to Continue …]