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MMT: Halloween Month (2023)

I can’t believe October is already over (but I’m kind of thankful Halloween is). I get why people love Halloween; it’s a great holiday to be creative, however, I think it’s the most exhausting holiday of the year. It’s pretty low on my list of holidays, but that’s a topic for another time.

Be that as it may, let’s talk about October’s movie selections. Again, this year I did not have a predefined list, however, I did have a couple planned out in my head.

MMT: Halloween Month (October 2022)

October is Halloween Month. This should be no surprise. Therefore the theme is essentially scary/thriller movies. My approach this month is a little different. Usually, I have a predefined list of movies I plan to watch for each themed month. However, during Halloween Month there are at least 2-3 movies we/I watch every year; The Nightmare Before Christmas, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Hocus Pocus.

Oddly enough The Nightmare Before Christmas is the only one that we did watch. Perhaps the month went by so quickly that we didn’t get around to the other two. Below are the other movies that I also watched this month.

Halloween 2022

Taking a moment to wish you all a safe and Happy Halloween. I typically don’t do much for Halloween, it’s not really my favorite holiday. It barely makes the top 5. Yes it’s fun, but there are several other holiday’s that I enjoy more. Granted, aside from Christmas, it is the only other holiday where I put up decorations (although not quite to the same extent as Christmas).

I don’t dress up and I don’t go to any parties. I will hand out candy to the neighborhood kids and take my own out trick-or-treating. After that, Halloween essentially ends for me; then it’s a test of will power not to eat any of the left over candy.

Biggs’ Top 5 Halloween Movies

Since its the October Top 5 it only makes sense that we choose the Top 5 Halloween Movies. I’m not talking about the Michael Myers Halloween franchise films but Halloween themed movies. In fact, there won’t be any horror or slasher movies on this list; I’m not really into the that genre of movies. I’ll be honest, I’m not really into Halloween. I don’t do the Haunted House thing. I barely decorate. We hand out candy and go trick-or-treating and that’s enough for me. Be that as it may, these movies are films I enjoy watching around this time either because they are fun and/or iconic; and here they are (in no particular order).

Honorable Mentions

The honorable mentions are probably two of the most iconic Halloween characters. While there are many variations of these movies, these are my favorite versions. Bram Stroker’s Dracula with Gary Oldman as the iconic vampire is a great movie with a killer cast (no pun intended) and an awesome director. The second honorable mention is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, directed by and starring Kenneth Branagh and Rober De Niro as “The Creature”. In fact this is probably one of my favorite Rober De Niro roles.

One more quick note about another movie that really isn’t even in my top ten but has been getting a lot of social media buzz lately. Hocus Pocus is a quirky fun film. In fact I do have fond Halloween memories of watching this movie on broadcast television as a kid. However its not really a “go to” Halloween film for me.

(See last month’s Top 5)

I Have Spoken!


TBT: 2003 Halloween Party

halloween-party-2003Since Halloween is this week I felt that it would only be fitting to find a Halloween themed TBT photo (Sam, I hope you don’t mind that I swiped this from your Facebook page). I’ll admit that I’m not really into Halloween but when  you have friends like the ones in the picture above, you have no other option but to indulge in the festivities. If memory serves right I was supposed to be a pimp and I was accompanied by my friends Kristin and Beth (not my wife) as my “bitches”.

I think this was also the party where Hoody (the “body builder” in the picture) had some kind of hot apple cider punch … that packed an extra “punch”. I think there was a rather large card/drinking game going on as well. It might have been Asshole. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if my memory of the party is fuzzy because it was 11 years ago or because I may have had too much of that hot apple cider punch (I think it had Goldschläger in it).

In fact I may be slightly inebriated in that picture. You can clearly tell all of us were having a good time, which was always the case when you went to a party thrown by Hoody & Co.

TBT is one of those crazy Facebook trends. It stands for “ThrowBack Thursday” and often times people post pictures. I know the old adage “A picture is worth 1,000 words” but most of the time the pictures I want to post have a great story behind them. In my traditional nerdy fashion, instead of just a picture I want to provide a blog post for my TBT moments to share those great stories. I will not share stories in which the context will embarrass or incriminate myself or my friends and family.

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