Sep 012013
Turnabout's Fair Play, Apple

I read an article on CNET recently where the author claims that Apple is in bigger trouble than Microsoft. Granted he was speaking from a mobile perspective and perhaps from that point of view there might be some credence, but overall, I think Microsoft is in a deeper hole. Be that as it may, I do think he has a point (among many other people who have said similar things) that the iPhone is declining in popularity. The iPhone used to be the hip gadget that everyone wanted, but now that everyone does have one, its not the cool thing to have anymore. This is [… Click to Continue …]

Jun 202013
Soapbox: No One Deserves A Pedestal

I’ll be honest, I was going to make this another post about Microsoft (because they are still pissing me off) but I decided that I would try to be more of an equal-opportunity troll today. Unfortunately, I am going to start with Microsoft since they are the ones who have most recently been in the (tech) news. Microsoft has backpedaled for a second time this year, on a second product (that’s not a good track record). Obviously the first time are the changes they are making in 8.1, though I still argue that what they chose to change is half-assed. We wanted a Start Menu [… Click to Continue …]

May 072013
Not A FanBoy, Just Pragmatic

I’ve been trashing Microsoft quite a bit lately (some of it might be behavioral regression from my anti-Microsoft days). I think a lot of it has to do with how much I dislike Windows 8 and how easily people are blindly being lead to its use like sheep to the slaughter. I think Windows 8 is Microsoft’s worst design idea since adding that damn ribbon to the top of all their Office products. There I go digressing again. The truth is, I don’t hate everything Microsoft. In fact I love Windows 7. In my opinion its the best version of Windows. I often joke that [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 152013
Biggs On: Plethora of Social Media

So apparently Myspace has re-imaged itself and relaunched now with celebrity endorsements (i.e. Justin Timberlake) and a focus on music and media. I once had a MySpace page many years ago. I never kept up with it. In fact, I hated it. It felt like another iteration of GeoCities. When I read about this the first thought that came to mind is “Do we really need another social media outlet?” Let’s name off a few of the social media platforms out there: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Instragram, Pinterest, Myspace – these are just the ones that come to mind immediately. Last year Apple and Google were under [… Click to Continue …]

Jun 292012
Social Celebrities

I use most of the popular social media websites (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter) and I primarily use them to stay connected with old friends and co-workers. I also use them to shamefully promote my blog posts. Lately I’ve enjoyed another aspect of social media, something that I wasn’t expecting. There are a number of celebrities that are pretty active on the same social media networks and I think its extraordinary. I already knew they were amazing people just from all the movies and television shows that I have watched over the years, but to see them posting on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ makes them all [… Click to Continue …]

Jun 132012

An interesting concept occurred to me the other day. In our world today, with various social mechanisms and online activities and games, the process of making friends and maintaining relationships has changed. The way our parents are use to it is old fashioned and out dated. Friendships can be forged without the need to meet face-to-face. We live in a world without borders and, as a result, its a little naive to think that a friendship can only exist if you have met physically. After all you are friends with someone for their personality, not their body. In fact I would even go so far as to say that [… Click to Continue …]