Dec 072016
Book Review: Star Wars Aftermath

Aftermath by Chuck Wendig My rating: I have been trying to get back into Star Wars books for a while now; I just kept finding other great books to read (*cough* Kubrick’s Game *cough*). Star Wars Aftermath is the first post-Return of the Jedi book that takes place within the new canon, therefore it’s pretty high on my list. I know some Star Wars fans are probably surprised that I would prioritize this book so high. Disney stepped on quite a few toes when they declared all other canon defunct (post-ROTJ). This is something I discuss in a separate post. Be that as it may, [… Click to Continue …]

Feb 092016
Book Review: Armada by Ernest Cline

Armada by Ernest Cline My rating:  (Click here to see this review on Goodreads.) Another great, nerd-filled classic by the Ohio native. As most fans of Ready Player One, I was very excited when I heard about Armada. He does succeed, again, in stirring those nostalgic nerdy memories from my childhood with various references to games and movies I played/watched growing up. I will admit, however, perhaps the references were a little too prolific, especially at the beginning of the book, but I could tell Ernest Cline was writing a book that was fulfilling a childhood fantasy. The same childhood fantasy all of us had [… Click to Continue …]

Oct 082015
Book Review: Blood and Masks

Blood and Masks by Alex Ziebart My rating:  (Click here to see this review on Goodreads.) If you’re a gamer, specifically MMOs like World of Warcraft, then you will enjoy this book. If you happen to read Blizzard Watch frequently then you should know this author. Alex Ziebart is the Editor-in-Chief and owner of the Blizzard Watch blog site. This book was his debut novel as a fantasy author. I’d say, for a newbie author, his first book was well done. I haven’t read a lot of fantasy novels but the world he created in Blood and Masks seemed pretty unique to me. That’s not [… Click to Continue …]

Aug 212015
Book Review: Odd Thomas

Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz My rating:  (Click here to see this review on Goodreads) Dean Koontz proves once again why he is one of my favorite authors. I probably enjoyed this book about as much as I enjoyed The Door to December (which is my favorite Koontz novel). I think I read this book fairly quickly because I was hooked fairly quickly. In fact he pretty much hooks you right at the beginning when you learn about Odd Thomas’ gift. I have to admit, this was the first time I was feeling a little choked up at the end of a Dean Koontz novel. [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 142014
Book Review: Sherlock Holmes, Vol 1

The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Volume I by Arthur Conan Doyle My Rating: Click here to read this review on Goodreads. I love a good classic and the last time I read a classic was probably right around my senior year in high school. The popularity of Sherlock Holmes has grown immensely since the release of the movie starring Robert Downey Jr. Now we have two modern day interpretations of Arthur Conan Doyle’s beloved character so I had to finally read the original stories so I could understand where the inspiration came from. These stories are classic literature so if you’re not a fan of classic [… Click to Continue …]

Aug 162013
Book Review: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins My [rating: 5] (Click here to read this review on Goodreads.) I have seen the movie several times prior to reading the book but that didn’t affect how quickly I was drawn into the story. As is pretty typical of all movies based off of books, the book is better. Much better. There are things going on that the movie doesn’t even begin to cover; and that’s not even the biggest difference between the two. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the movie is great, but I think its great independently of the book. You almost need to [… Click to Continue …]