Mar 252014
Soapbox: Cable Companies

I had to do the Cable Company dance again. I had to cancel one and switch to the other again in order to receive the better deal. I will, most likely, have to do this again in two years because our “deal” will have expired and the bill will spike up another $30-40. It’s ridiculous that I have to do this dance every other year. I don’t understand why cable companies can’t be more like cell phone companies, every two years renew your contract at a discounted rate. Yea, I get that they probably make most of their money from people that suddenly decide they [… Click to Continue …]

Jun 112013
Microsoft, Stop The Bleeding!

**Disclaimer: I am going to warn you right now. If you are a Microsoft fanboy in any capacity, you might not want to continue reading this post. I’m venting here, and I’m probably going to get pretty scathing as I’ve nearly lost all faith in Microsoft (and I had very little to begin with).** In the late 90’s and the early part of last decade I was extremely anti-Microsoft. I did not use Windows; I used Slackware Linux with Windows running in a VM only when I absolutely needed it. As my programming skills improved I started to get more into .NET. Then, when Windows [… Click to Continue …]

Apr 032013
Mickey Mouse is Dead to Me!

I started by giving Disney the benefit of the doubt when we all heard about its acquisition of everything Star Wars. The latest news has me wondering if my trust was misplaced. If you haven’t heard yet, Disney is shutting down the LucasArts division, thereby throwing 150 programmers into unemployment. If that wasn’t tragic enough, all those great Star Wars titles are now a thing of the past, any projects that were in the works (ex: Star Wars 1313) has been canceled, and it leaves me wondering what will happen to existing titles that relied on the LucasArts backing? This isn’t the first victim of [… Click to Continue …]