Jan 062017
Biggs Declares 2017 Intentions (Not Resolutions)

I never make New Years Resolutions, I believe I’ve covered that before. As odd as it sounds, I have more motivation to complete a set of goals (instead of the proverbial “resolution”). So what are my 2017 intentions? I know this year will be a year of change but I’m not at liberty to say, yet, what will be changing. You will know when it happens because it will warrant a blog post (or two). I do not want to write another long-winded post so, for brevity sake, I’m going to get started. Biggs Labs – Smart Home I have all the components I need now [… Click to Continue …]

Feb 082016
The Lenten Experiment

This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and that means Lent is here (already!). The past two years I have been a little lenient on my Lenten sacrifice but I’m going back to giving up soda as part of my Lenten experiment. It’s been a while since I have gone 40 days without a pop so I’m expecting this Lent to be a little more challenging. I know of several people who have given up pop, for various reasons, and it has been a significant contribution to their weight loss. I think my weight loss has plateaued recently so I am going to take the opportunity this Lent to [… Click to Continue …]

Dec 022015
I Have Saved Middle Earth!

What began in January of this year, has finally come to an end. It took me 11 months and 2 days to finally walk the distance Frodo walked from Bag End to destroy “The One Ring” in Mordor. 1,779 miles, which is approximately 3,543,997 steps! My Walk to Mordor challenge is finally over (and I did it better than Frodo because I still have all ten of my fingers)! I think next year I will try for the extra 1,625 miles, which is essentially from Minas Tirith back to Bag End, so I guess I will have to update my little calculator on my website [… Click to Continue …]

Nov 172015
Meeting Your Fitness Goals

Rarely have I ever set a fitness goal at the beginning of the year and actually met that goal, but it looks like that is about to change. I’ve talked a lot over the past 10 months about the Walk to Mordor fitness challenge and, as of the writing of this post, I am less than 100 miles away from completing it (currently at 1,696 miles); 1,779 miles walked within a calendar year and I have until December 31st to get there. I am going to do the challenge again next year and hopefully improve how far I go to eventually attempt the other half [… Click to Continue …]

Sep 102015
Walk to Mordor: Arrived at Rauros

I have officially reached Rauros in my Walk to Mordor Nerd Fitness challenge. That means I have walked over 1300 miles so far this year. Many folks don’t really know what, in Middle Earth, Rauros is. If you do a Google search you will immediately recognize the location, or you can look at the image at the top, which is the Falls of Rauros. If that still doesn’t ring a bell from the movies, perhaps this image will help. Just prior to the falls, one would pass through the Gates of Argonath (aka The Pillars of Kings). The Falls of Rauros are also the falls [… Click to Continue …]

Aug 272015
Let's Light the Night!

Greetings friends, family and site patrons. As some of you know, every year I participate in the Light the Night walk for a cure. It’s a charity event orchestrated by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Participants raise money from donations by folks, like you, to sponsor those of us walking for the ones that survived, are currently battling or in memory of the ones we have lost. This walk means a great deal to me as I walk in memory of my brother-in-laws wife who lost her battle to Sub-cutaneous T-cell lymphoma back in 2013. She left behind a loving husband and two girls, the eldest of which [… Click to Continue …]