Oct 022015
The MMO Times: Prepare for Kylo Ren

Issue 133: Welcome to the start of the fourth quarter of the year. Just think, in 3 months time it will be 2016 (and we will all be regaling about The Force Awakens and how awesome Kylo Ren is). First, before we are fully immersed in the extraordinary Star Wars universe, we must first have BlizzCon. Unfortunately that also is still a few weeks away, but the road to BlizzCon has begun. Don’t forget to get your tickets and pick up your goodie bag! The road to BlizzCon, however, is not yet paved with headlines. In fact this posting is later than normal as there wasn’t a [… Click to Continue …]

Nov 152012
The MMO Times: Sans Kitchen Sink

Issue 53: Greetings Gamers! As you will see after the break, this has been a pretty busy week because it feels like everything (except the kitchen sink) is getting an update and, finally, the launch of the SWTOR Free-2-Play option and Update 1.5. I am surprised that the 5.1 update for Mists of Pandaria has not been released yet. It seems like it has been on the PTR forever! If you are wondering, like me, when to expect the 5.1 patch for Mists of Pandaria, they are starting to publish Release Candidate builds to the PTR. This means that the builds they are compiling are [… Click to Continue …]

Jun 012012
The MMO Times: The Power of The Force Compels You!

Hello Again, Gamers! As the excitement of Diablo III finally quells, the MMO world suffered some disturbing news this past week. All of the employees at 38 Studios have officially been laid off as more drama continues to emerge from Curt Schillings disastrous foray into MMO development. Bioware also announced that they had to layoff several developers and will be performing server merges, however this does not spell doom for SWTOR. There are still 1.3 million active players and obviously layoffs are just part of the business (Blizzard did the same thing a few months ago). Despite these unfortunate events, there is still something to be excited about for World of [… Click to Continue …]

Mar 162012
The MMO Times: Mechs and Dragons and Lightsabers, OH MY!!!

Greetings Fellow Gamers! I am trying to remain on top of all the latest MMO news that I believe most of you will find interesting. The GDC was going on this week so there have been quite a few of announcements. This issue has some new information about MechWarrior Online, the latest SWTOR patch trailer as well as more news on upcoming patches and updates for other popular games. There are also details about the Diablo III release date, Guild Wars 2 pre-order information and more. I may have another issue next week as Blizzard has indicated that a wealth of expansion information will be [… Click to Continue …]

Dec 122011
The MMO Times: The Force Has Arrived!

Issue 23 Welcome back gamers to another MMO Times. We have some exciting stuff in this issue so I hope you enjoy what I have provided for you! I thinking about renaming the MMO Times to The MMO Pulse; not sure if I like the sound of it yet. Diablo III Cinematic So many people are excited about Diablo III. I haven’t even played the first two and I am excited so I can’t imagine what the people who are fans are feeling right now. Blizzard released the official opening cinematic for Diablo III so enjoy (because it looks frakking awesome!) Massively article Diablo Fans [… Click to Continue …]

Aug 182010

Issue 9 I am now back on track and trying to remain on time. Here is the latest info on whats going on in MMOs. Lots of new stuff is starting to pour out from GamesCom so there might be an immediate issue of MMO Times coming again soon, in a similar fashion to the Comic-Con issue. Jedi Advanced Classes Confirmed I am not ashamed to admit, when I see new information released about Star Wars The Old Republic, I become giddy as a school girl. Bioware announced there will be advanced classes for Jedi Knights; Sentinels and Guardians. The link has a short video of, [… Click to Continue …]