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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The MMO Times: Back to School

Rogue One Cast Issue 127: Greetings again, gamers!! I hope everyone had a lovely summer as, by now, kids are returning to school which means the malls and trade chat are safe once again during the day. The news of the impending fall season isn’t all bad as that also means football season is upon us! I hope I have some exiting things for you to read about in this issue, as I know its going to be difficult to top the past two issues with all the Legion goodies and Gamescom news. Although there were some pretty sexy geek announcements at Disney’s D23 Expo (such as the announcement of the Rogue One movie cast as seen in the image above). 

In any event, I have some things to talk about other than the new WoW expansion (though there are one or two headlines in here about Legion and/or WoW). Actually there are a couple of titles that haven’t been in the news much lately such as The Secret World, Elder Scrolls Online, ArcheAge, to name a few. I had to include the headline about the sweet new PS4 coming out this fall (once you see the article, you will know why). There is more BlizzCon news to read about, which is probably the next big gamer conference we are all excited to see. Beyond more Legion news, I hope we hear more about Overwatch (such as when the beta’s start). Enjoy. KCGO.

MMO Times: Stood in the Fire

Stood In The FireIssue 112: Greetings and welcome to 2015 … oh wait, I’m nearly a month late! It looks like I stood in the fire too long and thus had an epic fail with posting some MMO news! This is what I get for not having good raid awareness. I have learned my lesson. In all actuality, between various family engagements, holidays and fending off every flu and cold virus known to man, I didn’t have the time or the energy to write up my usual posts. I apologize for the lapse in MMO tidings. Hopefully the following list of headlines will make up for it.

PAX South took place recently so there are a few surprises that came out of San Antonio, including some expansion announcements and subscription changes. Blizzard is already working on some new content for the current expansion (I say already but I’ve been so far behind lately I guess it is about time for more content). There is also a limited time, free music download you want to check out as soon as you read this!

The MMO Times: The Horde Is Coming!

Grommash HellscreamIssue 105: The world lost a wonderful and extraordinary soul this past week with the passing of comedian Robin Williams. His television shows and movies have been a part of my life since I was a kid and I feel utterly heartbroken by his passing, and even Blizzard responded to his death. RIP Oh Captain, My Captain! On a lighter note, Gamescom is happening this week in Germany. If anything noteworthy to the MMO community comes out of it, you should see something about it below.

Blizzard has finally released the official cinematic for Warlords of Draenor as well as the release date for the expansion. Bioware has some new things to show regarding the Dragon Age franchise and more about the Star Trek Online expansion that was announced last week. I’ll be honest, there is a lot about World of Warcraft in this issue because there are quite a few new details coming out about the upcoming expansion. There seems to be a lot more pomp and circumstance around the fifth expansion (probably because Blizzard has been bleeding subscribers). In any event, there are other things below that are not related to World of Warcraft. Enjoy!

The MMO Times: Fat Chocobo Edition

mmotimesheaderIIIssue 97: If you want to know why this is titled “Fat Chocobo”, you will have to read the post, but I will give you a hint … it might provide a means to get from point A to point B much faster. Beyond that it looks like folks are starting to thaw out from this crazy winter weather (well, most of us are thawing out anyway). As the weather gets nicer I’m sure our in-door activities will decrease. I know the “day star burns us” but you should find some time to get outside and get some Vitamin D (whether that means yard work or exercise). But there are plenty of hours in the day to get back in and pwn some mobs.

We have some more news from Blizzard regarding some of their titles currently in beta. There is a really interesting article about Elder Scrolls Online if you’re interested. I know a few of you, I think,  have managed to snag a beta. Please share some of your impressions if you like. There is more Final Fantasy XIV news (that might involve pudgy poultry), and some really exciting Star Wars: The Old Republic news! So strap in guys and check out these latest headlines!

The MMO Times: Civilizations and Heirloom Loot

Issue 86Issue 86: Hello Again, Gamers! I hope the RNG has been awarding you phat lootz this week, and if not then curse that damn RNG and the algorithm it rolled in on! Be that as it may, the news hasn’t been too bad this week. Granted we are still a week away from Gamescom but there are some expansion and patch updates for several of your favorite games (I hope, though not much FFXIV news this issue, sorry Josh).

Some of the games with expansion news include WoW and Age of Wushu. An exciting announcement for any Civilization fans out there. More info about the Elder Scrolls Online MMO and an interesting new mechanic for RIFT players. I hope these headlines meet to all of your satisfaction and if you find a headline that I may have missed then please post it in the comments.

Keep up the good Pwning!!

The MMO Times: There’s A QuakeCon??

Issue 85Issue 85: Apparently there is a convention called QuakeCon which is considered the largest LAN party in North America! Awesome name, perfect for this type of convention. It was held in Dallas, Texas at the Hilton Anatole. I’d be curious if anyone has attended it because it sounds like a lot of fun. Also in the news is Blizzard’s decision to move away from subscription based MMOs with its new Titan game, whenever that is released. I’m sure removing the payment model was part of the redesign of the game.

There are quite a few videos available in this issue associated with updates for Elder Scrolls, World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. There are also some new Aion updates as a result of a player design contest. Capcom has a treat for PS4 folks. Enjoy!

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