Feb 082018
TBT: The Day I Met Dierks

It’s not very often that you get to meet a celebrity. I have had very few celebrity encounters but the time I got to meet Dierks Bentley was pretty cool. The picture you see above is from several years ago, circa 2003 (as is evident by my skinny stature). There is a country bar in Lafayette called Riehle Brothers. I frequented it a couple of times while I was attending Purdue. I don’t even remember what we paid to see Dierks Bentley and Brian McComas, who were performing in front of a meager bar crowd.┬áIt was a fantastic concert. I even danced (which is rare [… Click to Continue …]

Apr 102013
Perhaps "Overly Sensitive" Is Better

I’m a big fan of country music. I’ve attended more country music concerts then I have any other genre of music. I think one of the best artists in the industry is Brad Paisley and I still believe that. Which is why I think this brouhaha over his latest duet with LL Cool J is just┬áridiculous. If you have followed Brad Paisley’s career in any capacity then you know that he is known for making witty and clever songs. He’s never made a song where he’s intentionally berating or bashing anyone of any race, creed, gender, etc with the possible exception of “rednecks”. The fact [… Click to Continue …]