Mar 022021
RTotD: The Dwindling Supply of Physical Movies

When I was in college I had a ritual every Tuesday. After classes were done for the day I drove to Best Buy. Tuesday’s is when new releases hit the store shelves and they were always on sale the week their first week. Lately I’ve noticed a terrible trend. A dwindling supply of physical movies in stores. I’ve noticed it at Best Buy, Meijer and Target. The movie section used to span several rows of motion picture delectation. I’ve also noticed a dwindling presence of Blu-ray players available for purchase. This is all very disconcerting! I don’t always feel like streaming a movie. In fact, [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 242010
Taking the Multimedia Modern Leap

Well, the day finally came when I upgraded to a Blu-Ray player. As is becoming my usual custom on Sunday’s, I check the new Best Buy circular to see what movies are on sale for the week. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen was on sale and at first I was excited (I missed last weeks sale) but that excitement quickly changed to lament when it was only the blu-ray version (the 2-disc too!) was on sale. After expressing my regret to my wife she and I discussed that eventually we are going to have to upgrade to a blu-ray player and we should consider buying [… Click to Continue …]