Oct 082015
Book Review: Blood and Masks

Blood and Masks by Alex Ziebart My rating:  (Click here to see this review on Goodreads.) If you’re a gamer, specifically MMOs like World of Warcraft, then you will enjoy this book. If you happen to read Blizzard Watch frequently then you should know this author. Alex Ziebart is the Editor-in-Chief and owner of the Blizzard Watch blog site. This book was his debut novel as a fantasy author. I’d say, for a newbie author, his first book was well done. I haven’t read a lot of fantasy novels but the world he created in Blood and Masks seemed pretty unique to me. That’s not [… Click to Continue …]

Aug 192015
The MMO Times: Back to School

Issue 127: Greetings again, gamers!! I hope everyone had a lovely summer as, by now, kids are returning to school which means the malls and trade chat are safe once again during the day. The news of the impending fall season isn’t all bad as that also means football season is upon us! I hope I have some exiting things for you to read about in this issue, as I know its going to be difficult to top the past two issues with all the Legion goodies and Gamescom news. Although there were some pretty sexy geek announcements at Disney’s D23 Expo (such as the announcement of the Rogue [… Click to Continue …]

Jul 232015
The MMO Times: Togruta's Are Awesome!

Issue 123: Can you believe that the summer months are nearly over and kids will be going back to school soon (which means Trade Chat will simmer down during the daylight hours)?? Where does the time go?? Before you know it Blizzcon will be here and we will all be thinking about candy and turkey. Speaking of Blizzcon, does anyone have any predictions as to what big announcements we will have this year? I am going to throw my guess in; I think the day of open ceremonies will be when they open up the beta testing for Overwatch. I also think there may be [… Click to Continue …]

Jun 202015
The MMO Times: It's E3 Week!

Issue 119:  E3 was this week in sunny California, what goodies were in store for us? Speaking of “store”, don’t forget that the Steam ‘Monster’ Summer Sale ends on the 21st (Father’s Day – which I don’t think is a coincidence … just sayin 😉 ). Despite the fact that this is usually a post about MMORPGs, usually during big conventions I make an exception so there are going to be posts about games that are not MMOs.  I think several of these companies are as excited to tell us their news as we are to hear it. Bathesda rocked our world with their E3 presentation [… Click to Continue …]

May 192015
The MMO Times ... Returns!

Issue 115: The MMO Times is coming back. The gaming news just seemed to come to an abrupt halt where there just wasn’t anything interesting to share. I didn’t want to try to dig up menial stories that have little to no credibility just to keep providing a new post/email. I’m not interested in filling up your inboxes with junk. Of course then various real life events quickly exacerbated that hiatus; but hopefully we are back in full swing for a while. It has been about 6 weeks as the last MMO Times post was back when we lost our beloved Mr. Spock. Rest In [… Click to Continue …]

Feb 232015
The MMO Times: Pumping Up the Girlie Men!

Issue 114 – Welcome back, you “girlie and weak” gamers! It has been an interesting week for all the talented writers that were kicked to the curb by AOL last week. They quickly learned that while their employers had no support for their livelihoods, the gamer community demonstrated unfathomable support. Nicely done, everyone! It’s pretty extraordinary when you have so many people that have never met each other come together like we saw this past week for Blizzard Watch and Massively OP. I also just want to point out that there is a new boss fight in WoW that is a play on Hans & Franz [… Click to Continue …]