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Rey May Be the Most Powerful Jedi Yet

The MMO Times: The Force is Strong in My Family

force-strong-in-familyIssue 136: Ghoulish Greetings Gamers! What nerdy costume did you wear this year (or your children, mine was Supergirl)? I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween. Remember that on the 27th Blizzard started the beta for Overwatch so during your sugar-induced insomnia, perhaps you were lucky enough to receive an invite to it. By the way, if you did receive an invite and you are allowed to talk about the beta, please feel free to write a post on my blog; come see me if you are interested. The 27th also marks the official launch of the next SWTOR expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire. Blizzard and Disney are going to be most responsible for an amazing fall and winter; although 2015 is predominately the year of Star Wars.

BlizzCon starts on Friday, so I’m pretty stoked for that. I actually used a vacation day on Friday so I could watch opening ceremonies and several of the panels. I imagine that is why Blizzard has been tight-lipped yet again about any additional news other than the start of the Overwatch beta (have you gotten your invite yet?).

So what do we have for you this week. How about some Aion news (which is also unusual news for any MMO), a SWTOR article sure to make you want to play it again, even some Tomb Raider and Warcraft movie trailers. The build up to BlizzCon has the news a little slow which is the reason for the gaps between posts. I have my virtual ticket and I am quite excited for BlizzCon this weekend. Perhaps there will be more to discuss next week after Blizzard’s big weekend. KCGO.

Gaming: What’s In A Name?

illidan-legionIf you are a gamer, especially an MMO gamer, you are all too familiar with the ultimate conundrum, what to name a new character. The recent announcement of the new World of Warcraft expansion and the new demon hunter hero class has placed me in that conundrum once again. Personally, the name is very important and vital to how much I enjoy playing the character. I have deleted max level characters before because I just didn’t like the name (this was before we had the paid rename service). The name has to sound cool in my head, on paper, and match not only the look of the character but the class of that character.

When I am coming up with a name I have a variety of techniques and philosophies that I adhere to. In fact, while I am not a role play gamer, I still follow the basic role playing rules of character names. In other words, I refuse to give a character a name that consists of words strung together (ex: Facemelter, Imatank, Healsalot, etc). I hate that. If other people want to do it, that’s fine, but I find that kind of naming unimaginative. The only time I have ever created a character with a name like that was a character I never intended to keep (such as creating a Recruit-A-Friend character when I’m my own friend).

I do like to reference other geek canon, novels or literature when I choose a name. I have numerous characters across a couple of games where I will reuse some obscure Star Wars character (unless I’m playing a Star Wars game, then I try to pick something that fits that universe). Although some of my favorite names are ones that I have come up with that are not “lovingly ripped off” from some other fantasy universe. Sometimes I will pick a name from a recent book series I read or currently reading (such as Game of Thrones) if they contain names that seem unique enough. In the past I rarely had any problems getting the name I wanted but when I transferred to a higher population server, I’m finding it more difficult to find a name that isn’t already taken and thus I have to get more creative.

I have literally spent hours scouring the Internet looking up Star Wars characters, elvish language translations, Japanese translations trying to find that perfect name or inspiration to create the perfect name. Legion has put me back into the search as I try to find a name reserve for the demon hunter I intend to make.

Yes, yes, first world [gamer] problems …

How do you pick your character names?



I could accomplish so much more if I only had minions!


The MMO Times: “Chewie, We’re Home”

han-chewie-episode-7Issue 117: Hello again! Why the Han quote from the new Star Wars trailer? Because Star Wars! The past week has been interesting in that we’ve had some surprising announcements and the launch of a new IP. Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm officially launched this week (though I haven’t played it since early beta). Bathesda announced the next iteration of a popular title and apparently there is a video game hall of fame now. All of this before E3, which is still two weeks away. I wonder if E3 is going to have some big news.

As the weather gets nicer out you should get out there and enjoy. Save the gaming for after dark. While the daystar can burnz us, it also provides our bodies with vitamin D (which keeps you from looking pale so pale!) Granted the launching of Heroes, more Overwatch game play videos, Aion expansion, and other tantalizing news found below will test your willpower. In the meantime, KCGO!

The MMO Times: There’s A QuakeCon??

Issue 85Issue 85: Apparently there is a convention called QuakeCon which is considered the largest LAN party in North America! Awesome name, perfect for this type of convention. It was held in Dallas, Texas at the Hilton Anatole. I’d be curious if anyone has attended it because it sounds like a lot of fun. Also in the news is Blizzard’s decision to move away from subscription based MMOs with its new Titan game, whenever that is released. I’m sure removing the payment model was part of the redesign of the game.

There are quite a few videos available in this issue associated with updates for Elder Scrolls, World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. There are also some new Aion updates as a result of a player design contest. Capcom has a treat for PS4 folks. Enjoy!

The MMO Times: I Can Haz Tauntaun??!

mmotimesheaderIIIssue 84: Yes, I want a Tauntaun! Gives me tauntaun, now! I mean, what better way to travel around any planet. Yea, I know they smell bad, but think of the versatility. You don’t have to pay for gas, they’ll probably just eat whatever they can find laying around, and if you find yourself freezing to death in the tundra, just cut them open and you’ve got yourself a nice, warm carcass!

Tauntaun disembowelment aside, we have a few headlines to read up on, including the inspiration for the title of this issue (and the rather grotesque introduction). We are between conferences right now as SDCC has ended and Gamescom is next week but there are still some tidbits popping up from both conferences. Aion has some new content to share, SWTOR (obviously!), news about the World of Warcraft movie, and more! So curl up inside your favorite tauntaun (or just buy one of these) and enjoy!

The MMO Times: Dude, Our MMO’s Awesome!

Issue 80Issue 80: I’m pretty sure that’s what DOMA stands for. Anyway, in World of Warcraft the first of the PTR raid tests have begun. This is usually an indication that the latest patch is probably within 6 weeks of hitting live servers. Granted they’re only testing two bosses and there are several bosses to test, plus they are only testing normal modes, but it means we will soon contribute to Garrosh’s fate. Of course, that is if you even care about WoW. There are other things going on if WoW isn’t your thing, its just the thing that currently has most of my attention (though I have been checking out The Secret World lately).

Speaking of The Secret World, there is news about it in this issue, plus new content for Aion, Age of Wushu, RIFT and more. Also, don’t forget that this weekend is the second Double XP Weekend in SWTOR! Also, everyone have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

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