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The MMO Times: Blood Moon Eclipse

lunar-eclipse-0814Issue 109: Isn’t that an awesome lunar eclipse. The “Blood Moon”, such an iconic event to happen in the month of October. Yes, fall is upon us and so are many a content patches and expansions. Obviously the gaming companies are gearing up for the Christmas season and the winter months for those that will be sequestered in their homes in the colder regions of the world. Blizzard, Bioware and the other companies are preparing content for your enjoyment while you endure the frigid winter months. Also, BlizzCon is a mere 3 weeks away (which means we are about 4 weeks away from Warlords of Draenor)!

 Speaking of the WoW expansion, the pre-expansion patch will drop October 14th so get your last taste of Brawlers Guild, Challenge Modes and get your Legendary Cloak quests because they will be gone with 6.0.2. So there is some SWTOR and WoW expansion news in this issue, as well as some more details about new content coming for Final Fantasy XIV, Age of Wushu and more.

The MMO Times: Mi_ _ _ _ _ft

minecraft-clippyIssue 107: Hello again, gamers!!! A million voices cried out in terror this week when the news officially broke that Microsoft purchased Mojang, the maker of Minecraft. The title comes from this humorous tweet sent out after the purchase was announced. I’m not a Minecraft player, and now the odds are even less likely that I will be. Farewell Minecraft, we knew thee well.  

As summer sadly draws to a close, we will all get ready to spend a few months indoors as the weather becomes colder and colder (and allegedly its supposed to be a pretty cold and snowy winter), although most of us are pretty accustomed to being indoors all day anyway. I think the big news is the launch of ArcheAge  which should be available for everyone this week. I know a few folks who were in the beta and said it was actually pretty good. Are you checking it out?

The next WoW expansion is approaching fast so more news about the upcoming 6.0 expansion pre-patch and expansions details are becoming more available. If you are done with the whole WoW-thing then there are still other things to read about. A familiar face has come to Marvel Heroes, Age of Wushu is giving your toons some companionship, and another title has jumped on the player housing bandwagon (though not very successfully). Have fun pwning the newbs!

The MMO Times: 100 FTW!!!

Issue 100: The 100th MMO Times Post! Wow, I didn’t think I would be writing this many posts and what a week to land on as E3 is June 10th – June 12th. I am excited to see what will be unveiled at E3 not only from a PC and MMO perspective but from all gaming mediums. I have played many a console games in the past and may even be hooking the ole Wii back up. I was reading some posts folks had written about what they expect from E3 this year and I have to agree with one blogger. It would be great to see some cross-platform love, i.e. let’s keep the PC in mind when publishing new console games this year. Microsoft is the biggest offender of excluding the PC with their titles. Considering the handicaps of the XBox One, Microsoft needs to do something to show some love for the PC gamers.

I’m sure E3 will have a few exciting headlines to read about but there are also non-E3 related headlines that might be of interest to you. For example, there is some new content news in regards to The Secret World. Defiance has some new mechanics for folks to check out if you have been interested in the game. Age of Wushu has some promises on the horizon to polish up the eye candy. WildStar is getting a lot of impressive feedback despite what I was hearing from the beta. If anyone has been playing WildStar I’m certainly interested in your feedback. There is also some news about the next SWTOR content patch.

Just as an FYI, a lot of the news coming out of E3 seems to be more related to non-MMO titles so I will prefix all E3 titles with “E3” so if its not something that will interest you, it should be easier for you to scan and skip if you so choose. Read on and game on, friends!!

The MMO Times: MmmMmm Pi

mmo-headerIssue 98: March 14th is the almighty Pi Day (3.14), I have acknowledged this day since high school trigonometry (Thanks Mr. Urban). How did you celebrate Pi Day? Sadly I had to work today, but I think a Cheesecake (I know, it says cake, but it looks like a pie) this evening. Be that as it may, check out these awesome headlines in the MMO world lately.

Some World of Warcraft expansion news (which I’m sure most of you are already aware of); actually there is quite a bit of Blizzard related news from Hearthstone to Heroes of the Storm. If you play any of Blizzard’s titles, I’m sure you know about most of them. Age of Wushu has some new information about a possible expansion, and remember WildStar? There are some new details surrounding the official release. So put down the pie-fork and game on, friends!

The MMO Times: Civilizations and Heirloom Loot

Issue 86Issue 86: Hello Again, Gamers! I hope the RNG has been awarding you phat lootz this week, and if not then curse that damn RNG and the algorithm it rolled in on! Be that as it may, the news hasn’t been too bad this week. Granted we are still a week away from Gamescom but there are some expansion and patch updates for several of your favorite games (I hope, though not much FFXIV news this issue, sorry Josh).

Some of the games with expansion news include WoW and Age of Wushu. An exciting announcement for any Civilization fans out there. More info about the Elder Scrolls Online MMO and an interesting new mechanic for RIFT players. I hope these headlines meet to all of your satisfaction and if you find a headline that I may have missed then please post it in the comments.

Keep up the good Pwning!!

The MMO Times: In Reverse Order

mmotimesheaderIIIssue 83: Greetings Gregarious Gamers!!! I’ve decided that the headlines are going to be listed from earliest to most recent. I’ve noticed in past issues that often times I’ve found a headline that is a follow up of a previous headline and it didn’t make sense chronologically to show the latter one before the former. Hopefully this makes the news flow a little more logically. SDCC also started this week, did anyone go?

There are a some headlines I included with some non-traditional news. Some of the manufacturers are expanding beyond their normal scope or introducing new concepts that we may not have expected. I’m not going to say too much, you need to check it out. Age of Wushu, Final Fantasy, SWTOR and even some more World of Warcraft news await you below (or after the break). I also found a couple headlines about some titles introduced at SDCC or titles that I haven’t mentioned before. Good hunting!

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