IT’S STAR WARS MONTH!!!! May is when all of us Star Wars fans (should) celebrate the franchise that brings us all so much joy! Today is 501st Legion Day whom we thank for all their wonderful charity work while spreading their love and enthusiasm for the franchise. I’m not going to go into too much detail about them as I already did that last year. However, in the spirit of their commitment of promoting interest in Star Wars I will go into why I’m a fan of ALL things Star Wars.

Justification Shouldn’t Be Necessary

Honestly, I don’t need to justify, to anyone, why I enjoy all of the Star Wars movies. The Original Trilogy, The Prequel Trilogy, the Sequel Trilogy, Rogue One and Solo; I love them all. All of them are Star Wars to me. Having to justify why I enjoy any of the movies makes as much sense as justifying why I like a certain type of music. Nobody criticizes and belittles people for liking Hip Hop vs Country.

In my opinion, if you’re ridiculing or shaming anyone because the movies didn’t meet some kind of conjured fan theory then that makes you a bully. You’re entitled to your opinion but I will not be bullied and I have zero tolerance for bullying. If you can’t respect my personal choice for enjoying the sequels and the prequels then take your vitriolic comments someplace else. As Mark Hamill said at the World Premiere of The Rise of Skywalker “I hope they enjoy it and if they don’t just keep it to yourself”.

I enjoy the characters and I LOVE the music and, yes, I even enjoy the story. I own shirts, all the books, soundtracks and several collectibles from each of the sequel movies. Furthermore, my daughter likes the movies, especially Rey. I couldn’t ask for anything more than to have my child enjoy the movies too.

More In Smaller Packages!

If you have not watched any of the series, you are missing out. There are at least three other reasons why I’m a fan: The Clone Wars, Rebels and The Mandalorian. Currently there are at least 10 more reasons in the works. Star Wars Resistance is OK but not a top three pick for me.

Be that as it may, some days you want to sit down for a dose of Star Wars but you don’t have time to indulge in 2 hours of ecstasy. You need that short 30-40 minute gratification. I’m sure, by now, nearly everyone has watched The Mandalorian but you really need to check out the two animated series. If I had to pick the best of the animated series, Rebels is a clear winner but The Clone Wars is definitely worth checking out. In fact I would recommend watching the first few episodes of Season 7 before “The Bad Batch” comes out in just a couple of days.

Every day I read or watch something that continues to fuel my love for these movies and these characters. This has been especially true since I’ve joined certain Facebook groups, left other Facebook groups and/or blocked certain posts and websites. I have also greatly reduced how much I read Twitter (the home of butthurt vitriolic toxicity), although I do like to check in on @HamillHimself from time to time.


Confronting fear is the destiny of the Jedi.