Sep 032015

han-chewie-episode-7I must have missed the part where Disney said the Expanded Universe is now obsolete and they are starting over with a clean slate. I didn’t realize this until yesterday when it was announced that the first post-ROTJ book of the “new expanded universe” will be released September 4th (titled Star Wars: Aftermath). So that means in this “new timeline” there will be no Grand Admiral Thrawn (big bummer!), no “New Jedi Order” (at least not in the same sense), no moon’s killing lovable sidekicks. It’s all going to be … just. Like. Star Trek.

I have mixed feelings, to be honest. The three books Timothy Zahn wrote were amazing (hence the bummer about no Thrawn). I have quite a few other books on the reading list I plan to get to that are part of the “old expanded universe”, including the New Jedi Order series. I guess this explains the rumored death of a character in The Force Awakens (that I previously talked about); and it also explains all the nerd rage that followed the Disney acquisition.

bb-8-droidI tend to keep a pretty open mind when it comes to Star Wars; after all I am in the minority of people that don’t speak of the prequels with seething and disdain. There are so many books in the “old” Expanded Universe I still want to read that I will never be caught up. I guess this is an opportunity for me to try to keep up with the new Expanded Universe. It will be interesting to see how things progress from here. Will authors like James Luceno, Troy Denning, and Timothy Zahn continue to write books in the old “Expanded Universe” or is that world now off limits?

Personally I am going to try to keep the two timelines separate. Obviously I currently favor the existing expanded universe. J. J. Abrams and future authors could change that depending on how well written the new stories will be, so I am going to continue to keep an open mind. Besides, its not like I can force (haha, “force”) Disney to change their mind, even if I change my Facebook profile picture!


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