Jun 292012

I use most of the popular social media websites (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter) and I primarily use them to stay connected with old friends and co-workers. I also use them to shamefully promote my blog posts. Lately I’ve enjoyed another aspect of social media, something that I wasn’t expecting. There are a number of celebrities that are pretty active on the same social media networks and I think its extraordinary.

I already knew they were amazing people just from all the movies and television shows that I have watched over the years, but to see them posting on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ makes them all even more amazing. We were all always separated by the movie screens which created a popularity gap. Celebrities were put up on this high pedestal that we all wished we could be apart of but social media has changed all that. It has broken down the barriers that kept us all from connecting. It has created a way for all of us to vicariously experience their fascinating lives, and perhaps it has provided a similar experience for them though I know our lives are not quite as interesting.

It has been enlightening to realize how much I have in common with the people I have admired from the other side of the silver screen, its a fascinating cardinality. Though they will never know my name and though we may never meet in person, I hope its a comfort to them to know that we enjoy them just as much when they are simply being themselves.

So thank you Mila Kunis, Nathan Fillion, George Takei, Wil Wheaton, Dulé Hill, Simon Pegg, Kaley Cuoco, Eliza Dushku and all the other celebrities active on social media for all the extraordinary entertainment you have provided; and thank you for letting us in on just a tiny part of your lives.


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