Star Wars Andor on Disney+ Sept 21st

The Andor series comes out on the 21st with three episodes to kick it off. This seems to be the least anticipated Star Wars series and that’s a shame. I am looking forward to a series where the Jedi/Sith mythos isn’t the center of the plot; which is one of the things I really enjoy about The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. Be that as it may I want to kick things off by setting some Andor expectations. Perhaps talk about what characters we might see.

No “Fan Service”

I was originally going to share my character cameo predictions. However, during the September 2nd episode of Rebel Force Radio, the guys were interviewing Gary Whitta, a writer from the Rogue One movie. They were talking about the upcoming Andor series and Whitta said that according to showrunner Tony Gilroy, there will be “no fan service” in this series.

What does “no fan service” mean? Basically “moments in which references, cameos, or Easter eggs appear arbitrarily” in the episode or series to appease us minutia nerds. However, any element or legacy character that does show up will have a purpose for the plot or narrative. In other words there won’t be any blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shots of Chopper rolling by.

You know what else that means? THERE WILL NOT BE CLONE WARS FLASHBACKS!!! 😛

Character Appearances

With all that said, I still have a couple of predictions but I don’t really want to use the word “cameo”. I believe the following characters will appear in the series to serve a purpose for the story.

I had Saw Gerrera on the list but since he’s in the trailer, it doesn’t count. The first season takes place five years before Rogue One so it’s not likely we will see Tarkin; I feel like he will show up in the latter part of Season 2. Krennic was also on my list but, like Tarkin, he seems more likely to appear in the second season. These guys fall under my “possible-but-not-likely-to-appear” list.

Given Tony Gilroy’s statements and where this season falls on the timeline I think I only really have one, solid prediction. Bail Organa. If you’ve read the book Leia: Princess of Alderaan then you know that Bail Organa is one of the founding members of the Rebel Alliance and works very closely with Mon Mothma. I feel like if he doesn’t make an appearance then it’s kind of a big miss a possible disservice to the plot (depending on how it’s written).

Finally, we obviously will not see Jyn Erso, but I think Galen Erso might be a solid prediction (again, if he provides “protein” to the story).

What are some of your Andor expectations and/or predictions?