During my recent run, I was really pushing myself mentally to keep from slowing to a walk. I read about several running tricks to help push through that urge to slow down. Pump your arms more, pick landmarks to reach, occupy your mind and focus less on the distance. It was thinking about distance that made me think of some advice my dad once gave me a long time ago. I was your typical blue-collar youth, meaning yard work was a regular chore. I remember one particular day I was raking the back yard. The task felt daunting. I would randomly stop and stare at how much of the yard remained. Apparently my dad noticed this so, being a seasoned landscaper, he came out and gave me some advice. He said:

Stop focusing on how much you still have left to do. Only focus on what you’re doing now and it will go a lot faster.

He was right, as parents usually are, and that advice stuck with me. It’s sage advice for anything you are doing in life and another trick I use when I’m pushing myself to make it “just one more block” before slowing down.

The things that go through my mind when I’m alone with nothing but my thoughts for entertainment is dangerous. Some might even say eccentric. Consider this your warning about today’s Random Thought of the Day