Mar 312014

So ends another one of my favorite TV series. I had watched Psych from the first episode to the last. I feel so sad when a show ends because the characters become such a part of your life that it’s finale feels like a chapter in your own life has closed; but a show can’t go on forever (unless you’re the Simpsons). I’m going to miss the Wednesday Psych-Out’s (which were some of my favorite parts of the show), the variety of ridiculous partner names given to Gus and Shawn’s ADD riddled commentary which, allegedly, have been described multiple ways.

Be warned, if you haven’t watched the end of the series yet, there are spoilers ahead!

So how was the series finale compared to the others (because how a series ends seems to receive the most scrutiny)? I really enjoyed how they ended the series. I’m almost kind of glad they didn’t do the whole “2-hour-final-episode” deal, but kept it to an hour and gave everyone a fond, Psych-styled send off. I wish Shawn had said a more proper goodbye to Henry, granted it wouldn’t have properly fit with the rest of his farewell’s. I don’t know what the fan reaction was to the farewell DVDs but it worked well, especially for Woody and Lassiter. The fact that Lassiter wouldn’t watch Shawn actually admit that he wasn’t psychic was the best part of the whole episode … well that and Shawn finally proposing to Jules in the end!

Mira Sorvino’s super detective was the written in perfectly over the last couple of episodes to give proper closure between Psych and the SBPD. She also player her character brilliantly.

I think the fact that James Roday and Maggie Lawson have been engaged (for real) since about season 5 or 6 made me enjoy their character’s chemistry more. I hope they finally tie the proverbial knot soon and they don’t become another typical Hollywood marriage.

So I think they tied things up pretty good in the end. The small homage to Monk at the end was brilliant, and could have only been pulled off by USA!!

Farewell Shawn and Gus, Henry, Jules, Lassie, and Karen. And we can’t forget Despereaux, Mr. Yang, McNab and, of course, Dobson!!

Hey, maybe we can have a Psych reunion episode in a few years???

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