May 112015

orphanblack_banner_01_web2I don’t tout television shows too much because everyone likes different things and I don’t always expect everyone to like the same shows I do. A friend of mine suggested I check out Orphan Black, which I’ve seen advertisements for, but never tried to watch it. I’m only about 9 episodes into the first season and its actually pretty good. The show is filmed entirely in Canada (so far) and a majority of the stars are Canadian-born, most of them are no-names.

I’m not going to go into detail about the show, you can read that for yourself. I do enjoy the premise. It’s a science fiction plot centered around human cloning. I realize that its not the most intriguing plot but its Tatiana Maslany that really makes the show excellent. Remember the old Eddie Murphy movies back in the 80s when he would portray multiple characters on screen (ex: Coming to America); well Tatiana Maslany is the modern, female version of that movie character technique. The more I watch this show the more amazed I am with how well Maslany can play so many different characters so distinctly. So far she has portrayed 9 different characters utilizing different accents, personalities, languages, vocabulary; it’s truly extraordinary. There could be a scene with four characters in the room and you will be convinced that there are also four actors but in reality there are only two actors, one of which is portraying three different characters. So not only is the acting incredible but the film editing deserves credit as well.

Orphan Black is currently in its third season, it has been renewed for a fourth season and can be seen on BBC America. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can watch the first two seasons for free. If you’re looking for something new and/or different to watch, I would really recommend checking this show out.


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