Kenobi Part I & II

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was traveling on Friday so I did not get a chance to watch the first episodes until late. I wish I could have been at the Star Wars Celebration this year; I heard the first episode was seen by attendees in a rented theater at 9pm PST. Jealous. So let’s discuss Obi-Wan Kenobi Part I & II.

Before I get into spoilers I will provide a quick review. I liked the second episode better than the first but, over all, I really like both episodes. There are a few minor issues but they are mostly nit-picky.

spoiler alert!!!

The following content contains spoilers for Kenobi Part I & II.

Not To Be Too Nit-Picky

I am really late to provide this post as I’ve been enjoying the Memorial Day weekend away from home. A post for tomorrow’s episode will also be late, I won’t have time to provide a post before I am on the road again.

I’m not going to be overly nit-picky, otherwise I might as well be a Twitter troll crying about lekku length. The opening scene, when the Grand Inquisitor is haughtily trying to taunt the Jedi, when the revealed Jedi is escaping, he simply collapses a frail canopy. It hardly seems like a sufficient obstacle for three inquisitors. The obvious purpose of the obstacle is to provide an opportunity to begin developing Moses Ingram‘s character but I feel like that could have been executed a bit better.

Moses Ingram’s character is Third Sister, aka Reva. She clearly has some aggression issues and a hidden agenda (beyond the obvious task of finding Obi-Wan). I’m not sure how she’s connected with Vader and why she’s chosen to hunt Kenobi. So far her character feels vexing and uninteresting. She’s not a great character but she’s not a terrible character. Her rooftop parkour is clunky and poorly executed. There are four episodes left; I hope they improve the character, otherwise she’s going to be quite forgettable. Although I don’t think Reva will survive this series.

The Cameo I Didn’t See Coming

There are a couple of cameo’s I predicted we are going to see. So far I think I’m right about one of them. While Qui-Gon has not appeared yet, Obi-Wan has tried, twice, to commune with him. Obi-Wan has been disconnected from the Force, despite Yoda’s urging to train while in exile. I think, when Obi-Wan finally fully opens himself up to the Force again, we will see/hear Qui-Gon. Or, perhaps it’s Qui-Gon that helps Obi-Wan become the man he once was. An Obi-Wan using blasters and struggling to use the Force is clearly a man who is lost.

Temuera Morrison as clone veteran

I mentioned that we would see Captain Rex but we didn’t … yet. However we do see a clone veteran, on Daiyu, begging for credits. The clone trooper is Temuera Morrison and I’m happy Obi-Wan made a donation to the man’s plight (it is the Jedi thing to do). At first I thought it actually was Rex but, based on the timeline and the missing shoulder pad, it definitely is not him. However, based on a glimpse in the trailer, I wonder if this clone comes to Obi-Wan’s aid.

The cameo I didn’t see coming is 10 year old Leia! The moment I saw the Alderaan buildings my heart soared! It makes sense that their paths would cross, otherwise how does she know who he is and why she is so desperate for his help. Vivien Lyra Blair is an absolute delight as the young princess and could possibly steal the show. I hope that Grant Freely can bring the same charm and wit to Luke when/if we see Luke speak.

Some Final Thoughts

Overall I love the show, I’m only slightly disappointed that such an anticipated show has a couple of clunky spots. I also think that The Mandalorian set such a high bar that everyone is expecting the same greatness.

I’m curious how they explain the stabbing of the Grand Inquisitor because that character is alive in Rebels, which takes place several years later. Kumail Nanjiani’s character, Haja Estree, is a great character. In fact I like this character much better than Kingo in the Internals.

There are a few Easter Eggs to watch for too. My favorite of which is a cameo from Ewan McGregor’s daughter. Esther-Rose McGregor plays Tetha Grig, a spice dealer trying to peddle her drugs to Obi-Wan. It’s a neat little father-daughter moment.

I think many may struggle with what they were expecting and what was ultimately delivered. This is always a difficult thing to overcome. My advice is keep an open mind and an open heart. Only through peace will you find harmony.

Kenobi Part I & II came out on the same day but the remaining episodes will happen once a week on Wednesday’s. I can’t wait for Part III.