Jan 182013

rocky_lSo I woke up to a pleasant surprise, I have lost enough weight that I am now the lowest I have been probably since I was in college!

The best part about my weight loss so far is that I didn’t use any of the latest weight loss gimmicks and fads you see on television and the Internet. I used good old fashioned perseverance, exercise and portion control. I still eat a lot of the same foods that I’ve always enjoyed, I’ve just learned to eat smaller portions. I still drink pop and coffee but I have thrown in 24-48 oz of water. I also feel that the techniques in self-discipline and pushing myself I learned in martial arts also played a role (Thanks Tom).

I’ve been exercising 3-4 days a week for 25-30 minutes working upper and lower body. I mean, basically I’m ensuring that I’m burning more calories then I consume. Granted I may have had to give up a couple of foods that I like, but those have mostly been foods that I don’t have very often anyway. For example, I will probably never order a Baconater from Wendy’s again but I did eat at LaRosa’s for dinner the other night and I still dropped a pound the next day.

Everybody’s body chemistry is different so this method may not work for others so I’m not suggesting that those other programs are bogus, just not for me. It’s easier for me to follow a regimen that I’ve designed instead of a regimen dictated by someone else. I think my advice for anyone that is trying to lose weight, if programs like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig doesn’t work (or its too pricey) then just try a more rational approach. Count your calories, try to walk more (I bought a Fitbit) and find exercises that you enjoy doing. Finally, don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Your body needs time to adjust to the new way its burning  fat and building muscle.


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