May 102018

Last year is the first time I attempted running the Flying Pig 5K race. Actually it was the first time I ran ANY 5K race. I did not train well for it but I wasn’t terribly upset with 40 minutes; it’s the perfect bar to set for myself. The goal this year, to fully run the race and, hopefully, improve my time by 2-4 minutes. I have a lot of friends to thank for helping me achieve this goal; some old and some new. Since moving to Cincinnati I have a few new friends that are avid runners (some are marathon runners). Utilizing their advice was very instrumental to my efforts. A specific old friend comes to mind to thank for their tutelage in martial arts. While I no longer practice martial arts, the lessons you learn are extremely applicable to many of life’s other challenges. Preparing myself mentally and physically for running the Flying Pig 5K is one of those challenges.

Race Results

A New Personal Best

My run results are surprising. The best I was hoping for was 36 minutes, completing the 3.1 miles in just over 35 minutes is shocking! That is, hands down my new personal best. I think it is really helpful to have someone to run with whose pace is very close to my own. Also, having that extra coaching and encouragement is an added benefit.

I was also better prepared for the race this year. The month leading up to the race I would fully run over 3 miles once a week. It’s crucial to have the breathing and the pace in sync with each other. I’m sure that was also something I was missing last year.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The most logical next step would be to train for the 10K next year. Granted that means doubling the distance I run, and thinking about it that way makes it feel daunting. Be that as it may, the 10K race is my goal for next year. As I just said, I am fully running over 3 miles a week so the 5K will hardly feel like a challenge anymore. Therefore it’s time to “level up”, as Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness would say. Thankfully I have some friends that are also willing to train for it.

Will I go beyond a 10K? I don’t know. Five years ago, running just a mile seemed ludicrous; now I’m contemplating 6.2 miles. I doubt my knees and my body has the dexterity to run more than a 10K. If I had to pick a max distance, a half marathon is probably my limit.



I could accomplish so much moreĀ if I only had minions!


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