Nov 302013


I took this picture of the sunrise the day after Thanksgiving this year. We had a difficult year and we decided we would do something completely different for Thanksgiving this year so we spent it at a house that is on the Atlantic side of Florida. A little place called Daytona Beach. The roller coaster temperatures and weather patterns back home have definitely made the trip worth it. It’s quite a unique experience to stroll along the beach on Thanksgiving. I have my amazing in-laws to thank for creating a truly unique holiday experience.

My first stroll along the ocean, the beach was absolutely littered with jelly fish that have been washed ashore by the ebbing tide. I have never seen so many jelly fish. We spotted live crabs, sand dollars and pelicans skimming, literally inches, above the water. Shattered shells also littered the coast, most likely from the hawks that patrolled the skies, swooping down for a “mollusca munchie”. So, despite the dangers of the daystar, I did leave technology on the counter a couple times this week to indulge in the brilliance of the beach (though I admit I’m still not much of a beach person).

Our first night here, we sat out on the patio and listened to the waves crash on the shore while staring up at a cloudless night sky. It’s not very often where you have such a clear night to star gaze. There was also a rocket launch schedule for this week down at Cape Canaveral, however it was postponed twice during our trip. Had they launched the rocket, the chances were good that it’s trajectory would have taken it nearly right over our heads.

While I am feeling a bit homesick and anxious to see my dogs again, I don’t think my body is quite prepared to board a plane where its 68 degrees and deplane where it’s 30 degrees. However, now that its after Thanksgiving I can start putting up my Christmas lights, which I plan to do first thing. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving this year and survived the Black Friday madness.


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