Jun 162011

I’m a gamer, most of you already know that. I get just as excited hearing about games that I don’t or won’t play as I do about the games that I have been playing for years. As much as I can’t wait to read the latest headline about the next MMO, there does come a point where I want so smack some people for their stupid ideas.

I mean, not every idea for an MMO is inane but some are down right ridiculous. I chuckled when I heard about Lego Universe and I even got into the beta for it. It was cute, it brought back very fond childhood memories but definitely not something I would play long term. The challenge for many software companies was to dethrone the king, World of Warcraft. I think, however, that companies are taking the MMO thing a little to far. It has become an obnoxious craze.

Here is some words of advice to those aspiring game manufacturers: NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE AN MMO!!!!!!!!!

When I heard about Transformers Universe I wasn’t too surprised but I did roll my eyes a bit. Then, today, two unveilings had me clawing my head and muttering like an escaped mental patient: Pottermore, a Harry Potter MMO, and Family Guy Online. Now I do like Harry Potter and I love Family Guy but either one of those as an MMO is absolutely absurd! Will somebody please explain to me why someone thought it was a good idea to make an MMO based off of these two pieces of pop culture. It can’t be because they think it will generate ungodly revenue because not everything made into an MMO is a good idea.

Pardon me while I quote Garfield (the next likely candidate to be made into am MMO) but these people need to be dragged into the street and shot!


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