Oct 062015

Me and Grandpa Vleaminck. Wrigley Field. circa 1982

In 2003 the Cubs finished 88-74 and it was the last time I remember being excited about post-season baseball. This year they finish at a more impressive 97-64, but I’m trying not to let myself get too excited. Who knows what calamity will befall the Cubs this post-season to knock them out of the playoffs, but I’m going to remain positive. I don’t really believe in curses because to err is human. The impressive statistics from the season, I hope, will continue over the next couple of weeks and the mistakes and errors will not cost the Cubs another shot at redemption.

Regardless of the outcome of the post-season, I’m proud of the team this year. Their season has me thinking about four people: Harry Carey, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo and Grandpa Vleaminck.

My grandpa introduced me to Cubs baseball when I was just two years old. Harry made me love the Cubs during the 80s and 90s. It would be statistically improbable that either of them could have lived to see this team (both would be over 100 years old this year). Harry would have had to come up with a new catch phrase because “Holy Cow” would have been too trite for the spectacular season this year. “Elated” would have been too trite to describe how my grandpa would be feeling right now.

ErnieBanksCartoon_iru49ivi_rfrqjfgjErnie and Ron definitely left before their time and there is a definite sorrow in the air knowing that they could have lived to see this team (especially Ernie who only just passed away this year). As Cubs fans we know that they are all looking down, drinking some “ice cold Bud Light” and watching their favorite team play October baseball.

The first of the Cubs post-season games will be Wednesday night at 8pm (EST) against Pittsburgh.


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  1. Awesome Job Matt!! Let’s win this for them…. Go Cubs Go!!

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