May 022018

I really do think May should be Star Wars Appreciation Month. I recently posted this tweet:

Of course I’m sure most people are not quite as in tune with the nerd culture to understand just how many days in May are (or can be) linked to Star Wars. I’m sure everyone knows the two more popular days but there are more than you think. So I’m here to enlighten everyone on the days in May with Star Wars significance.

The Star Wars days in May

  • May 1st – The lesser known 501st Day (because 5/01, get it?). The day we appreciate the 501st Legion.
  • May 4thStar Wars Day (because May the Fourth Be With You). This is the more popular Star Wars day, which began back in 2008.
  • May 5/6th – The lesser known Revenge of the Fifth (Sixth), this isn’t as officially observed as May 4th, but a fun play on words nonetheless.
  • May 14th – George Lucas’ Birthday. I’ve even seen this referred to as “The Maker Day”.
  • May 19thPeter Mayhew‘s (aka Chewbacca) Birthday.
  • May 25th – The anniversary of the release of A New Hope back in 1977, and the release of the Han Solo movie this year. Since it’s also Towel Day, many observe it as Geek Pride Day

There you have it. There are several days in May that have significant, or “punny” references to Star Wars. I found an article that essentially agreed with my theory, however the author attempted to associate every day in May with some kind of Star Wars reference, most of which are a stretch. I don’t think every day needs to be acknowledged, a handful is sufficient.


The Force. It calls to you. Just let it in.


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