Oct 152018

The last weekend in September was also the last weekend my sister and I shared a last name. In a four-day period we drove 11+ hours down to Destin Florida to participate in an event that will ultimately change all our lives. The details that lead to this union is not a story I am at liberty to tell, however it is the stuff story books are made of, complete with a happy ending. I was unaware that she was seeing anybody but, being the tech savvy person that I am, when I was given his name, I began my Internet deep dive. (FYI, you would be amazed what you can find on the Internet about a person if you just know what to look for and where to look for it). Long story short, my search revealed no red flags and he received a preliminary thumbs up.

Coarse, Rough, Irritating and It Gets Everywhere!

Proof I stood in the sand (the things you do for those with whom you share DNA)

Needless to say, a wedding in Florida means a wedding on the beach. If you know me or have read my blog I’ve talked about how much I loath sand. The only place silicon has in our world is for the manufacture of computer parts. On my feet and between my toes is definitely not where it’s supposed to be. However, at the risk of sounding a bit schmaltzy, I am a devoted brother and I stood in the sand, in my bare feet. 

I’m not without my limitations. Once the post-ceremony pictures were taken, I hopped on the first shuttle back to the reception location (which happened to be a mere block from where we were staying). After a quick 2-minute shower, which involved thorough scrubbing of my feet, I was back. Nobody was none the wiser and I stopped twitching and scratching like a crack addict.

With Friends Like These …

I only really know the friends my sister had when we were kids. Unfortunately none of them could make it, but I did have the pleasure of meeting her new crew. When her and I moved to different cities to embark on our own journeys, our lives would be enigmas to one another. Our routines would change, our jobs would change, our friends would change. You can only glean so much about people from social media. However, I knew she had a great group of friends when they did exactly what I did the moment I found out this new guys name. It appears I wasn’t the only one that dug up whatever they could find on this guy.

I am very happy to know that she has friends that think like I do (at least in regards to my sister’s well-being). I barely knew these folks but I was looking forward to spending some time around them. She has picked some amazing people and I feel confident that she is well looked after.

It was the shortest time I’ve ever spent in Florida. However it was extraordinary, with some extraordinary people for an extraordinary event! God Bless the new couple!


I could accomplish so much more if I only had minions!


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