Jul 152013

geek-300x300Almost daily I read CNET, ZDnet and several other news feeds regarding technology trends. I do this so I can keep up with how the technology and the industry is changing. I’ve noticed that there have been several articles claiming that the PC is dying. These claims are based on the declining number of desktop sales. I do wonder though if these statistics are only taking into account mass-manufactured computers (i.e. HP, Dell, etc). Personally, I have never bought a premade computer, I’ve always built all my computers.

I don’t know if I could not have a desktop computer. I really like my peripherals and while the touch/gesture technology is incredible, I don’t think its something I could get used to doing all the time. I spend 90% of my day behind a computer whether its at work or extra curricular programming or gaming at home. The mouse and keyboard are too big of a staple to my computing experience for me to be able to switch to something less … tethered? Plus, I really like that I can build my own computer. Honestly its way I don’t really use laptops very often and why a laptop has never been my main computer at home. In my opinion, tablets (and perhaps even laptops, to some degree) are really only an extension of the desktop computer but definitely not a replacement.

I’m not saying that I’m hemmed into the desktop PC, forever. You never know; with the way technology is changing these days something may come along that will change my mind. I am curious, however, what others think about all this talk of the desktop computer becoming obsolete?


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