Sep 152020

If you haven’t checked Facebook, or Twitter, or any social media today then you may have missed “The Mandalorian” Season 2 trailer unveiling. You can watch it right here, right now.

After 7 months of virus’s, protests, election propaganda and all the other 2020 dumpster fires, Baby Yoda is here to save us! There are many burning questions (mostly among Star Wars fans). Is Ahsoka really in this season? What about Bo Katan? Will “Baby Yoda” finally have a real name? As an avid fan (I use “avid” lightly) the one thing I don’t want them to tell us is the species; that’s been Lucas’ best kept secret since 1977. Yoda’s species needs to stay in the black vault with the formula for WD-40 and who killed JFK.

Episodic Directors

The confirmed list of directors for season 2 are:

  • 🎬 Jon Favreau
  • 🎬 Dave Filoni
  • 🎬 Bryce Dallas Howard
  • 🎬 Rick Famuyiwa
  • 🎬 Carl Weathers
  • 🎬 Peyton Reed
  • 🎬 Robert Rodriguez

Two directors are not returning from Season 1. Deborah Chow, who is probably working on the Obi-Wan series, and Taika Waititi who is probably working on his own Star Wars project (the next movie or movies). It is pretty cool to see Carl Weathers, aka Greef Karga, on the list. The other names you might not recognize is Peyton Reed, who directs the Ant-Man movies, and Robert Rodriguez, who is usually in the role of the producer.

Season 2 of “The Mandalorian” premiers October 30th on the Disney+ streaming service (no, Disney did not pay me to add that, although it would be pretty cool if they did).

This is the way.

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