mmotimesheaderIIIssue 91: Greetings Ghoulish Gamers! Halloween is just around the corner, do you have all your ghoulish plans ready to go? Perhaps your plans involve a little gaming while the kids are out getting their trick-or-treating on; or perhaps you have to man the door waiting for the arrival of this years lot of cosplay potentials? If sugar-seeking rugrats are keeping you from your favorite MMO, perhaps you will be able to check out these headlines (from your handy smart phone or tablet) while you wait.

There is an update coming to SWTOR that many players have been talking about since the games launch. There are also a couple of Blizzard announcements that pertain to more then just World of Warcraft. Some updates coming for FFXIV, Neverwinter’s first event, and other news. So eat some of that candy you’re handing out (you paid for it anyway) and read on! And try not to scare the kiddies!

Blizzard Potentially Addressing Inventory Woes

Posted 10.5.13 – I normally don’t post headlines about minutiae like inventory issues for the OCD gamer but I thought this was pretty interesting. If you’re like me, you’re probably pretty close to filling up your Void Storage and bank bags from all the gear and commodity items you’ve collected while leveling and doing dailies (I blame transmog for my nearly full void storage). So when I read the blue post that Blizzard is looking into new UI mechanics for tabards and “toys”, I have to say, I was a bit excited. Anything to give me a little more space in my bags. Read this short post and tell me what you all think.
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Yulgang 2 teaser trailer A New F2P MMO Sneaks In

Posted 10.7.13 – There hasn’t been a lot of hubbub so it’s surprising that this new Free-2-Play MMO title has suddenly popped up with a release date of later this year. Yulgang 2 is a martial arts inspired MMO with an “air sprint system” that works a bit like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon where combat can take place while in the air. It also makes me think a bit of some anime. There is a teaser trailer to check out. It looks pretty, a bit like Aion.
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Galactic Starfighter teaser trailer Free-Flight Combat Coming to SWTOR

Posted 10.8.13 – One of the biggest complaints many players have voiced (exhaustively) about SWTOR’s space combat is the lack of actual combat. Currently you fly along a predefined route trying to destroy enemy spacecraft, which have always been NPCs. Well all of that is about to change. In December there will be a digital update to SWTOR which will have 12v12 actual free-flight dogfights! The “expansion” is called Galactic Starfighter and the trailer … looks freaking bad ass!
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Coins of Waukeen Event

Posted 10.17.13 – Neverwinter is having a brand new event where players can earn thousands of Rough Astral Diamonds as well as other goodies. This even lasts until October 24th at 1pm EDT and all you have to do to earn your riches is to defend the Forgotten Realms and defeat monsters while collecting coin purses. There isn’t much else to tell regarding this event. They boast that a player could acquire 256,000 of those diamonds. I don’t know what that can buy, but it seems like a lot to me.
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Talks of FFXIV’s First Update

Posted 10.17.13 – The Executive Producer for Final Fantasy XIV announced that the first update will be “fairly substantial”. The article mentions things like a player salon, party search feature, item sorting, and other player-suggested additions. It also mentions the return of a character from an older game?? There was, however, no mention of a release date, but that’s probably enough to tantalize the fans.
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Heroes of the Storm video Heroes of the Storm Is … !

Posted 10.17.13 – Remember a few weeks back when a trademark surfaced called Heroes of the Storm? Everyone was speculating what Blizzard title it would be applied to. Well, the answer is … its the new name for Blizzard All-Stars, the MOBA Blizzard has been working on. Heroes of the Storm is the official launch title for the game but there’s no official launch date, just the prodigal “Soon”. There is a video, but it doesn’t really tell you much about the game.
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