Jun 042013

bibs1Hello. My name is Biggs, and I’m addicted to exercising.

A year ago, if you would have told me that I would have participated in two 5K walks within three weeks of each other, I would have laughed in your face. Now, what I find equally as strange, is that I’m researching additional 5K activities.During our recent 5K walk, the Redlegs Run, my wife and I discussed the idea of trying to participate in one walk a month. I think I am becoming addicted to this.

I know they say that when you get into a routine of exercising that it can become addicting, and that is true. On days when I don’t exercise, or if I go a couple days in a row where I don’t exercise, I definitely feel like I haven’t completed my day. I pay even closer attention to what I’m eating and how much I eat because I don’t want to start to reverse what I have already worked so hard to lose. An important lesson to keep in mind when this happens is to not overdue it when you do get a chance to work out again. Sometimes our minds tell us that we need to push ourselves harder to compensate for missed opportunities. The problem with that is its one of the easiest ways to injure yourself; and injury will only make you miss more exercise opportunities.

When your body gets use to a routine, your metabolism increases and thus you begin to burn more even when your body is at rest. As long as you don’t gorge yourself on pizza and ice cream, you are not likely to gain too much weight if you miss a few days. This is clearly one of the healthiest addictions I’ve ever had.

So, Bring On The 5Ks!

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