huolon_mountIssue 106: Sorry for the boastful title, as I was finishing up this post, I happened to kill Huolon and the mount dropped. I was quite excited.

Player housing seems to be the theme in this issue. I’m curious if any of you have checked out the strongholds in SWTOR. This issue does seem to contain more headlines about WoW again, I guess because there isn’t much else going on right now. After a summer of silence coming from Blizzard, since the announcement of the expansion release date, there seems to be more to talk about.

As summer wanes and the kiddies return to school (which means trade chat will be mildly more intelligent during the day), we get ready for the fall content releases, expansions and new titles. As I said, lots of WoW stuff, but there is also a couple of interesting articles too (including Blizzard’s response to the Robin Williams NPC). Actually you might be surprised that there are just as many interesting things to read as there are game announcements so I hope you enjoy the slight change in content. Enjoy!!

SWTOR Galactic Strongholds Live

Posted 8.19.14 – As Bioware promised, the next content update for SWTOR contains the player housing module (called “strongholds”). If you are a subscriber then you should already be able to access this new feature. If you re-subbed by June 17th, then your Nar Shadaa Palace is waiting for you to move in (I have already moved in to my sky palace). You can also purchase a capital city apartment (Kaas City or Coruscant) or a Tatooine Homestead (if you are super rich and a subscriber). If you are actively playing, tell me what you think about strongholds.
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Some Garrison Basics

Posted 8.19.14 – This WoW Insider post is a pretty good article to start introducing you to your Garrison. I have talked about what I thought about Garrisons in the not-to-distant-past and perhaps this article will further wet your appetite for them come the expansion. I really like that you can construct a building to give you another profession, though it won’t work exactly the same as your current professions, but I think that’s a perfectly legitimate consolation. I really like the stables building (since I’m an avid mount collector). Check out this article, its a pretty interesting read and then let me know what you think about Garrisons.
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Robin Williams NPC Is a Genie!

Posted 8.20.14 – In the latest beta build for Warlords of Draenor, the NPC paying homage to Robin Williams has appeared and he’s a genie!! I love it!! I think that is a perfect character model to use to pay appropriate respect to Robin Williams and I know he is smiling down right now and laughing hysterically. There were two other character models that had been datamined, one of which is a female model which might be a reference to Mrs. Doubtfire. I am going to have to log in to the beta and find this NPC.
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Destiny Launch Trailer

Posted 8.21.14 – Destiny is going to be a pretty popular game, I think. There are quite a few folks clamoring about it. The trailer does look pretty sweet, it’s going to launch for the Playstation and XBox come September 9th. I would check out the trailer, you’ll enjoy it.
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You Need to Check This Out: Shado-Pan Geyser Gun

Posted 8.23.14 – WoW Insider has been doing this a lot lately and its kind of fun if you are into Easter Eggs. Granted its another toy and takes up a spot in your bags or bank, but if its cool enough, you make space. Check out this post on how to pick up Shado-Pan Geyser Gun so you can douse your friends in a torrent of water. You know you are already logging in to get this gadget.
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 Blizzard Working On Next Expansion

Posted 8.26.14 – The fifth WoW expansion is slated to go live in November but Tom Chilton and his team are already looking ahead. He recently admitted that Blizzard is hard at work … on the sixth expansion! Yep, we already know that there will be another expansion and they already have a few zones developed. Perhaps they don’t want to make the players wait a year again between the final content patch and the next expansion.
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