Jul 272015

Chris Metzen at Blizzcon 2010 telling us what it means to be a Geek

How many geeks do you know and what hobbies do you assume they have? If you are a geek, you’re not allowed to answer that question. I’m sure when one thinks of the geeks they know they probably assume computers, video games and/or books are their hobbies. You’re probably right, those are likely among their hobbies but most of us are probably ADD or ADHD and often have far more eclectic tastes outside our [presumed] nerdy sphere.

You might actually be surprised to learn that we do have hobbies outside the typical nerdy genres and a lot of them might actually be outdoors (despite our fears of the daystar‘s brimstone). Personally I’m really into grilling (if you couldn’t tell by my frequent posts about my grilling exploits). I have other geek friends that work on their cars or are actually pretty good carpenters. Now these hobbies do come with some of our geeky idiosyncrasies. We can become quite OCD about the details of said hobby and, of course, if there is a gadget, app or any kind of tech which can be incorporated into our hobbies, well “Holy Frak” that’s an Epic Win! I know there are several geeks out there that are really into fitness (i.e. exercise, running, etc) thanks to gadgets like Fitbit. I know I probably make as much of an effort to go for a walk as I would to make time for video games and/or reading.

Most of us don’t have these other hobbies in hopes of earning awards or other accolades, we’re just into it because, in some way, they still engage our analytical mind. It’s the problem solving or puzzle of the activity that intrigues us; or maybe it’s just different from our other everyday activities (especially if we are stuck behind a computer most of the day for our jobs). It’s probably our love for technology that helps us with our hobbies; it allows us to research and adapt our solutions in hopes of perfecting each project.

Now, if you are a geek, what are some of your out-of-the-[computer]-box hobbies?

minion_keboard_smI could get so much more accomplished if I only had minions!

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