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orc_yellIssue 110: Oh, wait, no, we’re just at one hundred and ten. I guess I have to move to Denver and nearly break my neck to get to 509. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, unless you are an NFL fan (the real thing, not the EA Sports kind) don’t worry about it. A completely random numerical title with a cultural reference just seemed like a fun thing to do. In any event, Warlords of Draenor pre-expansion patch is officially live. We all are having to learn how to play our characters again and we have to get used to the stat squish. Of course if you’re not playing WoW then all of that information is completely moot, but keep reading because I’m going stop referencing WoW now 🙂

There might be a Hearthstone clone in the works, STO and RIFT have some expansions that have gone live, a big BlizzCon announcement are just a few of the headlines that might catch your attention today. I found an article from September that talked about what Titan might have been so some of you might find that to be an interesting article to read. KCGO** 

So What Was Titan?

Posted 9.24.14 – This is a really old article that I just now happened to stumble upon. It describes what Blizzard’s elusive “Titan” project was going to be. Granted we will never know for sure what the game would have actually been but it was interesting to read some leaked details. Personally I think the concept was OK, but I don’t think it would have been something I would have paid to play. I can see myself getting kind of bored with it and I really couldn’t see longevity in the games story and lore. Perhaps that is why Blizzard ultimately decided to scrap the project. Read this article and tell me your thoughts.
Kotaku article

Jagex Making It’s Own “Hearthstone”

Posted 10.13.14 – Blizzard’s wildly successful online card game, Hearthstone, is getting its first clone. Jagex has announced that they will be adding a Hearthstone-like game into its Runestone MMO. The game will be called Chronicle: Runescape Legends and will allow players to use deck-building to create quests that can be completed via card battles. I’m not really a Hearthstone player but I do think its intriguing that Runescape is the first title to attempt a clone. It will also be interesting to see how successful they are.
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STO Expansion Live!

Posted 10.14.14 – The Star Trek Online expansion, Delta Rising, we talked about a few weeks back has officially gone live. You may now travel to the Delta Quadrant to continue exploring strange new worlds and level past the previous cap. There are new starships, you can reach the rank of Fleet Admiral and you may recognize a few voices as several veteran actors have lent their voices (including Jeri Ryan, Robert Picardo, and Garrett Wang).
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FFXIV Announces First Expansion

Posted 10.18.14 – At their fan festival in Vegas recently, during the keynote, fans were treated with the announcement they have all been waiting for; Final Fantasy XIV’s first expansion, called Heavensward. The expansion will focus on Ishgard, a new level cap, new jobs and a new race and more. The smart money is on dragons. There is a trailer that you can check out until more details are released at the London fanfest.
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BlizzCon Performer Announced

Posted 10.21.14 – I think at just about every BlizzCon they manage to book some of the greatest bands to perform at the closing ceremonies, and this year was no different. It has been announced that Metallica will perform at the BlizzCon 2014 closing concert! I haven’t bought my virtual ticket yet, but it might be worth it now to see a live Metallica concert (well, live via television). See the announcement at the following link.
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RIFT Launches Expansion

Posted 10.22.14 – After a slight postponement, RIFT has finally launched the games next expansion, Nightmare Tide. As you will read in the post, the expansion opens up the Plane of Water, new mechanics in the form of the minion system, and makes some tweaks to end game classes, mentor system and other game features. The expansion is available for those playing the game for free, but as with most F2P models these days, there are restrictions.
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** KCGO: a new reference I’m playing around with; Keep Calm and Game On

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