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mmotimesheaderIIIssue 97: If you want to know why this is titled “Fat Chocobo”, you will have to read the post, but I will give you a hint … it might provide a means to get from point A to point B much faster. Beyond that it looks like folks are starting to thaw out from this crazy winter weather (well, most of us are thawing out anyway). As the weather gets nicer I’m sure our in-door activities will decrease. I know the “day star burns us” but you should find some time to get outside and get some Vitamin D (whether that means yard work or exercise). But there are plenty of hours in the day to get back in and pwn some mobs.

We have some more news from Blizzard regarding some of their titles currently in beta. There is a really interesting article about Elder Scrolls Online if you’re interested. I know a few of you, I think,  have managed to snag a beta. Please share some of your impressions if you like. There is more Final Fantasy XIV news (that might involve pudgy poultry), and some really exciting Star Wars: The Old Republic news! So strap in guys and check out these latest headlines!

Hearthstone Beta Ending “Soon”

Posted 3.5.14 – If you have been participating in the Hearthstone beta, or have been thinking about it, now is the time to get the rest of your fix. Blizzard has announced that they will be closing the beta “soon” (that’s Blizzard soon so we all know what that means – August). Apparently anyone that is participating in the beta will receive a Golden Geblin Mekkatorque card (why is “I’ve got a golden ticket” playing in my head now). Once the game launches, the non-golden version of this card can be crafted, but who wants a boring one when you can get a gold one! I have heard from some folks who have acquired this card, that it can be a little annoying.
WowInsider post

“Fat Chocobo” Mount Coming to FFXIV

Posted 3.5.14 – Yes, anyone that orders the PS4 edition of the game, or anyone that has ordered the CE will receive this chunky chicken. You have to click on the link to the article to see what this will look like. It’s almost awesome enough to want to pick up the game. I mean, who doesn’t want to ride around on a giant, chunky yellow chick whose only motivation to move is the treat dangling on the stick held by your character. What can I say, I’m a mount junkie, hence why I had to share this post.
Massively post

Elder Scrolls Online Impressions (from an MMO Hater)

Posted 3.5.14 – I’m sure its strange for me to include a post from someone that proclaims themselves as an “MMO Hater” but the (lengthy) post has some pretty great in-game screenshots. It’s actually a pretty good write-up even from someone that dislikes the MMO genre. I find his closing comments really interesting. I haven’t tried to get into the beta for this game, I don’t really have a lot of time at the moment for any beta testing. I know a few of my friends have gotten invites so I am interested to hear their impressions, if they have played enough of the beta for form an opinion. Either way, you should check out this post just for the screenshots alone.
Kotaku post

New RIFT Soul Unveiled

Posted 3.6.14 – Trion Worlds unveiled their newest soul coming to RIFT, Oracle. It’s going to be a Cleric soul that will allow the player to buff large groups. I’m assuming that all makes sense to someone that plays RIFT. I haven’t played RIFT at all so I hope that I stated all of that correctly. Massively has a nice lore write for the Oracle soul for those lore junkies out there. Honestly, even though I don’t play the game, I thought it was a pretty interesting post so I’d recommend it, especially if you enjoy the game.
Massively post

Player Housing Teaser SWTOR Getting Player Housing!

Posted 3.6.14 – *SIGH* Everytime Bioware adds new features to The Old Republic I long to want to play it again! I have even logged in a couple times in the recent past but I still can’t overcome the difference between having been a subscriber and the free-2-play limitations. This is just a teaser from Bioware so there isn’t a lot of details but there is a screenshot of what looks like a Coruscant apartment and a teaser trailer. I’m guessing this is going to be part of one of the expansions coming to the game this year.
Massively post

First Look at Playable Heroes in HotS

Posted 3.7.14 – The Heroes of the Storm website was updated today to unveil a few of the playable heroes. If you have forgotten, Heroes of the Storm (formally Warcraft All-Stars) is Blizzard’s rendition of League of Legends. They only name a few of the ones that will be available, but the graphic on the page shows some dimmed out pictures of the other, potential heroes. If you are a fan of LoL (and I know a lot of you are) then I know that this game is probably going to be pretty exciting for you.
Official HotS website

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