Jul 242017
Biggs' Labs: Home Automation Progress Update

It was November the last time I talked about my Home Automation and Lab projects; it is time for some updates. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot to tell. The last eight months have been busy on the work front and on the home front. If you know me at all you know that November through the end of December is my craziest time of year. There were a few things I had to sort out that were pretty significant changes to my work and home life. Changes that also require some time to adjust and acclimate. Here is a quick reminder of the projects [… Click to Continue …]

Nov 222016
Biggs' Labs: Smart Home Phase I [Complete]

The summer presented some additional challenges which pushed back phase I of my smart home project. I am also adding another phase to the project. Every time we see some new appliance or module we immediately start to budget to add said module. Be that as it may, I have updated the project checklist: In Home Network MythTV, Plex and FreeNAS (DVR and Media server) Home Automation Phase I Home Automation Phase II – with Raspberry Pi integration (in progress) Home Automation Phase III (in draft mode) There are many flavors of home automation you can choose from and several factors you should consider before you choose one. How dirty do [… Click to Continue …]

Jul 302016
Biggs' Labs: MythTV, Plex and FreeNAS [Complete]

I am crushing it on these tech projects I have going on at home, I just haven’t been very good at keeping up with posting about them. I can mark another item off the list as my MythTV, Plex and FreeNAS project is complete.  Here is the updated project list: In Home Network MythTV, Plex and FreeNAS (DVR and Media server) Home Automation (in progress) Home Automation – Raspberry Pi integration (on pause) All of the projects I have on deck were all relying on getting the in-home network operational. I imagine I will be able to complete the remaining projects faster now that I have [… Click to Continue …]

Apr 282016
Biggs' Labs: In Home Network [Complete]

So here is my original list, slightly updated to reflect all current status: In Home Network MythTV – Plex – FreeNAS DVR and Media system (in progress) Home Automation (up next) Home Automation – Raspberry Pi integration (up next) I can finally check something off my list. I was very excited to start plugging in computers and televisions and see it all connect to the Internet. Granted this is only Phase I, which was just wiring the main entertainment and computer area with enough network drops to plug everything in. Phase II will be to run it up to all the bedrooms (but that’s for another time). [… Click to Continue …]

Apr 062016
Biggs' Labs: Progress Update

I know I talked about a few tech projects I have going on in my little computer lab at home. I mentioned that I was going to do a write-up on each of those projects upon their completion. I haven’t completed any of them yet, much to my chagrin; but that doesn’t mean they won’t be completed. Thus why I decided to provide a little update. In Home Network All the wiring has been completed for phase one of installing my in home network. I have installed 3 drop locations. One location has 6 drops which will be for the entertainment center. We will be able [… Click to Continue …]

Feb 052016
Introducing Biggs Lab

I have been adding more projects lately, other than my online projects (i.e. vleaminck.com is technically my sandbox for new web technology). I have been branching out into more hardware based projects. I have talked to a few folks about what I’m working on and I’ve posted a few comments and pictures about it on Twitter and Facebook. In every conversation I’ve had people have asked me to keep them in the loop as to how the project is going and how it turns out. I decided I would create a new category of blog posts because as I complete each project I will write [… Click to Continue …]