Mar 262015

I have no picture for this late Throwback Thursday post. Since my birthday fell on a Thursday I thought I would take the narcissistic route (so much for the high road). Obviously I don’t have a picture from the day I was born because we didn’t have an iPhone back then. I don’t really feel old. I’m pretty content with what I have accomplished thus far. If I could change anything I would have read a little more and studied a little harder. I appreciate all the wonderful birthday wishes I received from so many folks on Facebook, via text and from the folks at [… Click to Continue …]

Oct 302014
TBT: 2003 Halloween Party

Since Halloween is this week I felt that it would only be fitting to find a Halloween themed TBT photo (Sam, I hope you don’t mind that I swiped this from your Facebook page). I’ll admit that I’m not really into Halloween but when  you have friends like the ones in the picture above, you have no other option but to indulge in the festivities. If memory serves right I was supposed to be a pimp and I was accompanied by my friends Kristin and Beth (not my wife) as my “bitches”. I think this was also the party where Hoody (the “body builder” in [… Click to Continue …]

Oct 162014
TBT: My Favorite Date

October 13, 2007 will forever be the favorite day of my life, followed very closely by April 14, 2014 (after all the latter couldn’t have happened without the former). Since Octoboer 13th was just this past Monday, this seemed the appropriate TBT post. I’ll admit it was a day I never thought would happen to me; not many of us with that “computer geek” label are credited with having much luck in the romance department; but for what its worth, we do have amazing “grep” patience 🙂 So, most of my friends and family I’m sure remember this day. We were married in the city [… Click to Continue …]

Oct 092014
TBT: Pool Nights

This is a very fond memory. Pool Nights at Nick’s Pool Hall. It was so much fun just hanging out and shooting pool and having a couple of beers. This was a pastime Doug, Alan and I would partake in quite often during our latter years at Purdue. Everyone wanted to go to the Neon Cactus or Where Else, but I would have never chosen those places over Nick’s. I know one of the things that people will notice in this picture is my iconic Australian Fold-Up hat. I came back from a family vacation with that hat and it became something I was known [… Click to Continue …]

Sep 042014
TBT: Destiny Unbeknownst

It’s funny where you find your spouse. Some folks will marry their high school sweetheart, others may find their spouse using an online dating service or just by simply living their lives. I found mine while I was tailgating, but the interesting thing is, she had always been right in front of me. This week’s TBT picture shows me and my wife, before we even started dating. We had been attending the same parties for years because we ran in the same circle of friends. We are sitting here at one of Hoody’s parties, playing some XBox. Clearly I am oblivious to her wonderful smile, [… Click to Continue …]

Aug 282014
TBT: The Legendary Lodge Trifecta

Why do I call it a trifecta? Simply because it was definitely a three-way win for all of us. My final year at Purdue, while Alex and I were trying to find our final West Lafayette living quarters, we found Erin. Alex and known her previously but it was my first time meeting her. It almost might be strange for me to admit that it was also the first time I had a female roommate, but honestly that wasn’t really relevant. What became relevant is now we could split the rent and utilities three ways, and so we picked up the three bedroom apartment at [… Click to Continue …]