Dec 152016
TBT: One Year Ago, The Force Awakened

It was actually December 18th, 2015 when The Force Awakened but it’s Throwback Thursday and the 18th is Sunday. As I sit on the cusp of the premiere of another Star Wars movie I love thinking about the success of The Force Awakens. I’m really happy how well it was received not only by Star Wars fans, but the majority of movie goers. Here are a few *numbers I found:  It earned $935 million domestic, thus making it the biggest-grossing movie of all time in America  It was the first movie to earn $750m on an initial release and the first to earn $800m, $850m, and $900m. [… Click to Continue …]

Dec 022016
TBT: Lamentations of a Former Tank [gone DPS]

So I am going to take a different approach to this week’s Throwback Thursday post (which is late again). This comes on the cusp of experiencing a struggle I’ve only heard other folks repine. I used to tank; from 2005 through Mists of Pandaria I was the Paladin tank for our raid team. Then the server population began to dwindle; finding raiders to fill spots became a struggle; long story short we switched servers and joined new raid teams. I was no longer needed as a tank so I had to become a DPS. It’s the first time I am working on progression as a member [… Click to Continue …]

Nov 182016
TBT: WoW 12 Years! And Great Times!

So this issue of TBT (err, Fallback Friday? yes, I’m late) is going to appeal to a much different group of folks. If you follow any of Blizzard’s games then you know this week they are celebrating World of Warcraft’s 12th anniversary. People who don’t follow the gaming industry are probably shocked that a game is still thriving after 12 years. The funny thing is, that’s really not all that inconceivable. Final Fantasy will be releasing their 15th iteration of their franchise which began back in 1987. So WoW is a youngster by comparison but, if you will allow me a small pun, WoW 12 years! It’s not [… Click to Continue …]

Nov 032016
TBT: The Most Extraordinary Day

No, I am not going to throwback to yesterday and talk about the Cubs World Series victory. My Throwback Thursday posts are always going to be something much more personal. Don’t get me wrong, since that last out, it’s still too surreal and while it will be memorable, its nothing compared to April 14th, 2014, the most extraordinary day. A flood of emotions hit me last night, mostly memories of family and what we have endured over the years watching that baseball team. While it is only a baseball game, it sparked a powerful emotion. It made me think about the day Evie was born. [… Click to Continue …]

Oct 272016
TBT: A Boilermaker Homecoming Anniversary

It has been a really long time since I have written a “Throwback Thursday” post. I’m upset that I didn’t think about writing this post sooner as Homecoming was nearly two weeks ago. Therefore, this TBT post serves a dual purpose; not only was it a Boilermaker Homecoming, it was also our anniversary celebration. We were going back to see our friends, to visit our Alma Mater and to celebrate where we were married. It All Began With An English Muffin One of my favorite parts about going back for a Purdue football game is seeing our friends. To paraphrase what a friend once said [… Click to Continue …]

Mar 262015

I have no picture for this late Throwback Thursday post. Since my birthday fell on a Thursday I thought I would take the narcissistic route (so much for the high road). Obviously I don’t have a picture from the day I was born because we didn’t have an iPhone back then. I don’t really feel old. I’m pretty content with what I have accomplished thus far. If I could change anything I would have read a little more and studied a little harder. I appreciate all the wonderful birthday wishes I received from so many folks on Facebook, via text and from the folks at [… Click to Continue …]