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The Acolyte Episode 3

The Acolyte Episode 3 - Mother Aniseya - ascension ritual

Title: Destiny
Directed by: Kogonada

This post will contain spoilers, so don’t continue reading if you haven’t watched it yet. Come back when you’re ready.

This was an interesting episode. I enjoyed it for its informational quality but it doesn’t progress the storyline. We are finally taken back into the past to Brendok to see what happened to set Mae and Osha on to their respective paths. We experience these events mostly from Osha’s perspective.

The first two episodes use this duality naming convention but this episode does not. This makes me think the next episode will be from Mae’s perspective. I think this will also show how Mae feels betrayed by the Jedi. We will see what dark choices the Jedi made.

The Acolyte Initial Impressions

Carrie-Anne Moss as Master Indara in The Acolyte
Carrie-Anne Moss as Master Indara

I am way behind the curve regarding the new show, I have been traveling so much it hasn’t left me much time for extra tasks. The latest Star Wars series, The Acolyte, premiered last week with the first two episodes. It’s going to be interesting for me to watch this series; I do not know that much about this era of Star Wars. I own the books, I just haven’t started reading them, yet. So let’s get into my initial impressions of The Acolyte.

I’ll start out by saying that I am really enjoying the series, so far. I will break this down into various discussion points. A quick warning, before I continue, this post will contain spoilers, so if you’re waiting until the series has been fully released then don’t keep reading but do come back.

Happy Star Wars Day (2024)

May the Fourth Be With You! On this Star Wars Day Lucasfilm has given us two great treats. The first is Tales of the Empire, essentially, season two of Tales of the Jedi. I haven’t had the opportunity to watch these yet, but they are on the list for this weekend.

The second big treat is a new, official trailer for The Acolyate. Check it out!!

The masked character at the end gives me Knights of Ren vibes. Obviously, it isn’t since the Knights of Ren were established after A New Hope (3 ABY) and this series is approximately 125 BBY.

This trailer definitely has me more intrigued than the teaser trailer.

How are you celebrating May the 4th?


The Acolyte Trailer

Rumors were going around that The Acolyte would drop in June, well now it is confirmed. Here is the trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series that takes place near the end of the High Republic era.

There will be a two episode premiere on June 4th.

I cannot wait!


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