Jan 082017
How Will Star Wars Survive Without Leia?

Many of us are still lamenting the loss of our beloved princess. I know all of her co-workers are still beside themselves with grief. We all wish everyday since the Tuesday after Christmas, was a bad dream that we all will wake up from. Sadly that will not happen. We must endure and ensure every future generation knows the brilliance and beauty of Carrie Fisher (our Princess Leia). Aside from grief, we are all curious how will Star Wars survive without her? WARNING: If you haven’t seen The Force Awakens (which is unheard-of) and you have, miraculously, avoided spoilers then stop reading. I need to [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 062017
Biggs Declares 2017 Intentions (Not Resolutions)

I never make New Years Resolutions, I believe I’ve covered that before. As odd as it sounds, I have more motivation to complete a set of goals (instead of the proverbial “resolution”). So what are my 2017 intentions? I know this year will be a year of change but I’m not at liberty to say, yet, what will be changing. You will know when it happens because it will warrant a blog post (or two). I do not want to write another long-winded post so, for brevity sake, I’m going to get started. Biggs Labs – Smart Home I have all the components I need now [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 042017
2016 Reading Challenge - More Cowbell!

As a member of Goodreads I participate in their annual reading challenge, therefore I did not discuss books in my “Year in Review” post. Considering it was already quite lengthy I decided the books I read warrants a separate post. My initial goal for the 2016 Reading Challenge was a lofty 25 books, however around June or July I realized there was no way I was going to succeed. I reduced my challenge to 15 books but I ended the year having only read 12. I am not a fast reader, nor am I a slow reader by any means. My “literary ineptitude”, as it were, [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 032017
Biggs Zone - 2016 Year in Review

Another year is over and we now look forward to a fresh start in 2017. As we prepare our resolutions or intentions or what have you, let’s reflect back with a 2016 year in review. By the way, there will be NO politics or political hot topics/agendas in this post. I hate to start on a somber note but I would rather get the depressing stuff out of the way first. We lost some amazing celebrity icons this year. One of our favorite TV dads, Alan Thicke (“Growing Pains”), and our favorite TV mom, Florence Henderson (“The Brady Bunch”) both passed away this year. We lost our [… Click to Continue …]

Dec 212016
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Before things get really crazy, with Christmas only a few days away, I wanted to take the time to bid everyone a safe and very Merry Christmas. I hope the conclusion of your year is peaceful and bright! Please have a safe, and responsible, Happy New Year! This year was another election year, and it was probably one of the most tumultuous years we have had in a long time. Over the past several months we have all been awfully cruel to one another because we all believe different things. We are all entitled to those beliefs and I applaud everyone with the conviction to [… Click to Continue …]

Nov 032016
Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

I cannot believe this day has arrived. My heart has been beating out of my chest since they beat the Dodgers. It’s still beating out of my chest. I cannot imagine what its like in Chicago right now, outside Wrigley Field. It’s surreal to finally say: The Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions! I wish Harry, Ronnie, Ernie, my grandfather and all the other players and fans that have gone before me were here to see this. I know they were watching down from above (after they beat the shit out of that billy goat). They won it in true dramatic fashion. They came back [… Click to Continue …]