Nov 072016
DC is Rivaling Marvel with The Flash

Remember last year when I talked about the great television Marvel is producing? Well I think DC is making a comeback in the form of The Flash. If you haven’t been watching it, then call your doctor because something is wrong with you. Other than Batman and Superman, I don’t know that much about the heroes of DC comics. I was hearing great things about The Flash but I just kept putting it off. After watching the cross-over episode of Supergirl, we finally said “OK, we need to watch this show”. We are in the third season and I have to admit DC is rivaling Marvel with [… Click to Continue …]

Nov 022016
2016 World Series: I Don't Believe in Curses

“This one’s for the whole Magilla!For the whole kitten caboodle! For the whole bowl of wax! THIS is for ALLLL the marbles!!!” – John Candy from Rookie of the Year. This quote was never more appropriate. I’m going to start by saying, very simply, I don’t believe in curses. I am writing this post prior to the outcome of Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. I have not been very shy on social media and my blog about the baseball season this year. My apologies for that, I cannot help being just a little excited for the Cubs. You will not be regaled with anymore childhood tales [… Click to Continue …]

Oct 282016
Biggs On: 2016 Fall Classic Remarks

Ten years ago if you told me that I would be watching the Cubs in the World Series, I may not have believed you. Well the 2016 Fall Classic is here and to say I’m excited is an understatement. The really strange thing is, it’s actually kind of stressing me out. We have all been waiting our whole lives to make it to the World Series that I can’t bear the thought of losing. I am trying to talk myself off the ledge in preparation for the worst case. I almost wish they didn’t make it so I wouldn’t be feeling all this angst. I keep telling myself that regardless [… Click to Continue …]

Sep 302015
Biggs On: iPhone 6S

I thought about making this another “Tech Talk” topic but in those posts I try to be less subjective and since I’ve only had an iPhone, this is going to be more of an opinion rather than a technical analysis. The “S-cycle” of the iPhone 6 means that it’s time to upgrade. This must be one of Apple’s most successful iPhone launches (despite the smaller lines at the stores). Usually by now there has been some kind of “-gate” controversy everyone is talking about and the Twitter trolls are feasting on. Alas no “antennae-gate”, “bendgate”, “map-gate” (was that a thing?), just everyone talking about how [… Click to Continue …]

Aug 282015
Biggs On: Laptops

I know, why would I write an opinion post on something that has been around for 40 years??! Since the birth of the iPad technology has been trending away from the nostalgic old desktop PC. Tablets and laptops (and other forms of mobile devices) are becoming more popular by the hour. The truth is, I’m not really a fan of laptops. Sure I use a laptop for work because it’s easier as a consultant to have your trusty computer with you when you need it, but work is the only occasion where I feel like having one is warranted. My home PC is a custom [… Click to Continue …]

Jun 102015
Biggs On: WWDC 2015

This week Apple held their annual WorldWide Developers Conference where they often unveil new versions of their software or, sometimes, new versions of their hardware. This year they focused primarily on the software with changes to OS X, iOS, and Apple Watch. Honestly, there wasn’t much that aroused my inner geek, in fact I probably have more to criticize than to condone. I might as well talk about the one thing that had me a little excited and that was Apple talking about the next iteration of their new programming language, Swift 2. As I mentioned in a previous post, I enjoyed the proverbial “getting [… Click to Continue …]