Aug 132019

I’ve been quiet for over a month now. The reason is two fold. The first reason is I really haven’t had anything to write about. I have a post in the works but I haven’t gone back to finish it yet. The other is just a busy end to the summer. Between a tumultuous time at work and back-to-school starting, I just haven’t had the time to collect some thoughts into a cohesive and blog-worthy post.

Don’t Panic. I’m sure the creative juices will begin flowing again, especially as we draw closer to Blizzcon and the release of The Rise of Skywalker. Also, I might do more posts about obtaining rare mounts, similar to my previous post. The Lucid Nightmare might be another “guide” post I do, although I did use a lot of the suggestions I read on other rare mount guides.

There isn’t much to talk about in terms of our raiding progress through heroic Eternal Palace. We are on track and hitting the usual obstacles (i.e. DPS checks). I’m not too worried yet.

Anyhow, I’ll be back again with more things to talk about.



I could accomplish so much more if I only had minions!


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