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The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Volume IThe Complete Sherlock Holmes, Volume I by Arthur Conan Doyle

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I love a good classic and the last time I read a classic was probably right around my senior year in high school. The popularity of Sherlock Holmes has grown immensely since the release of the movie starring Robert Downey Jr. Now we have two modern day interpretations of Arthur Conan Doyle’s beloved character so I had to finally read the original stories so I could understand where the inspiration came from.

These stories are classic literature so if you’re not a fan of classic literature then I wouldn’t advise trying to read this book. There is a chapter early on that seems completely out of scope of the rest of the book; clearly it’s purpose is to give the reader some perspective on the details of the life of one of the criminals.

Every story is told from the perspective of Dr. Watson (except for the aforementioned chapter). Personally I don’t feel that I am violating any Conan Doyle Canon by saying that I can definitely see several plausible parallels between all three interpretations of Sherlock Holmes (i.e. RDJ, Johnny Lee Miller, Benedict Cumberbatch). I can also, quite easily, draw parallels between the other characters and themes of the book and television series/movies. Granted, nothing is ever as good as the original, but reading this book has greatly improved my enthusiasm for all three renditions of Sherlock Holmes.

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