Before the Storm (World of Warcraft, #15)Before the Storm by Christie Golden
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Christie Golden is here with another World of Warcraft novel. I have been a fan of her work since before she was hired by Blizzard, and I’ve read more than just her Warcraft themed novels. Before the Storm takes place before the events leading up to Battle for Azeroth.

Brief Synopsis

The Legion has just been defeated. While the Horde and Alliance honor their fallen, King Anduin Wrynn struggles not only with the loss of his father but also the weight of the crown. Similarly Sylvanas Windrunner must juggle her new role as Horde Warchief but does not want to neglect her beloved Forsaken. Then, from the wound inflicted by a defeated Sargeras, comes a new substance neither faction has seen before. A substance that can have good and evil implications.

Biggs’ Review

My one regret about this book is that I should have read it before Battle for Azeroth launched. Chronology being the primary reason. There really isn’t a lot in the expansion that spoils the book, however the book does have its surprises. So it’s still worth reading even this late in the expansion, especially if you have played through the priest storyline in Legion. There are characters from the Netherlight Temple that provide important plot points to the story.

RIP Elise BentonOne of the things I enjoyed the most is Anduin’s character development. His desires as a young king give the character more depth. The war-driven Anduin we see at the start of BfA is only one facet of his character. This book brings compassion and hope to his personality. Sylvanas, on the other hand, is as cunning and deceitful as we are already led to believe. In fact there is one act in this book that may very well be the catalyst for the Alliance entering this faction war.

Finally, there are the little things added the game that make references to events and characters in the book. Blizzard’s knack for little “tie-ins” are some of my favorite in-game easter eggs.

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