Dec 082011

This website is the only place I really blog about anything. I was thrilled when I actually found out that someone other then my friends had read something I wrote (see Don’t Think I’m A Clone Now). I thought that perhaps if total strangers found that post interesting that maybe I would be able to write something else interesting as well.

I should qualify myself by saying that I am not a professional writer by any means. I’m just a gamer, computer geek and a programmer. I only post blogs because I like the mental exercise of writing. I feel like its a workout for my brain, much like doing sit-ups or push-ups. I became defensive from some of the comments that people left from my last post, but instead of getting upset, I turned their constructive comments into a lesson in writing.

My last post I wrote quickly and on a whim. It was something rattling around in my brain that I decided to whip out in 20 minutes and post it. What I learned was that I need to spend more time thinking about what message I am trying to convey to the reader. If I leave out key components that link what I’m trying to say to my main point then I think readers will lose the meaning of the post. It isn’t anything the reader is doing wrong nor is it a reflection on their comprehension skills; it’s my fault, as the author, for not making the message clear.

I really appreciate the fact that friends and complete strangers read the things that I post and I hope to improve my composition skills in future blogs. I encourage people to continue to leave their thoughts and comments so that I may continue to learn from their feedback.

Thanks and Cheers!

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